W.R.R. Park of Prescott, Arizona asks “I have been playing bridge for over 50 years and somewhere along the line I remember playing with four suits, each of a different color. Now that I no longer have young eagle vision, it is starting to seem like a great idea, especially when a red diamond king suddenly appears in my heart suit after bidding the hand. Can you tell me why we do not have four suits of different colors?”

Coopers: Four suit colors are catching on in poker but are no longer easily available in bridge-sized decks except by ordering online.

Cartamundi used to make “No Revoke” bridge playing cards and they can still be special ordered in lots of 5000 or more (contact Eve Wada at ewada@cartamundiusa.com if you are interested), which can include special backs such as a club name and logo.

Avonmore products carries “Smart Color” bridge cards, which have blue diamonds and green clubs at http://www.avonmoreinc.com/index.htm - click on “order” in the top bar to purchase.
The decks with the four color backs for the Duplimate dealing machine differentiate the suits by making diamonds a lighter shade of red and clubs a lighter shade of black. Only those specific decks have this feature, which may not be obvious when looking at http://www.duplimate.us/shop/ - their online store.

Bicycle makes special “Lo Vision” cards available at http://amazon.com among other online stores. These have giant numbers and letters plus four different suit colors - green diamonds and blue clubs.

You might try talking to other players in your club and unit to see if they are interested in any of the above options for four suit color decks. We are also getting older and often find a diamond or two in our hearts, so we think this is a great idea too!

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