D17 Committees

The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall have the power to create and appoint the members of standing and special committees as he may deem necessary or appropriate, designate the chairs thereof and assign functions thereto. The members of committees need not be members of the Board of Directors, but must be members of District 17.

Regional Tournament Chair:

Tournament Coordinator: JoAnne Lowe

Tournament Supplies: Bill Phillips

Communications: Cindy Shoemaker

Website: Cindy Shoemaker and Jerry Keeran 

Education: Sharon Smith

NAP (North American Pairs): Lakin Hines

GNT (Grand National Teams): Bonnie Bagley bonnie1bagley@gmail.com

STaC: Bonnie Bagley

Grant Program: Liz Hamilton

Charity:  Liz Hamilton 

Goodwill: Neil Hunter