Grand National Teams

Congratulations 2022-2023 District 17 GNT Finalists!


The 2022-2023 National GNT Finals
will be held during the Chicago NABC starting July 12th.

Flight eligibility is based on masterpoint totals as of August 6, 2021:

  • Championship Flight: Unlimited.
  • Flight A: 0-6000 MPs. 
  • Flight B: 0-2500 MPs. 
  • Flight C: NLM with fewer than 500 MPs.  No Club Qualification necessary for Flight C Players.

For more information, contact D17 GNT Coordinator, Bonnie Bagley, 

For more information, contact D17 GNT Coordinator, Bonnie Bagley,

Championship Flight Winners:

1st Place: Douglas Fjare, Valentin Kovachev, David Caprera, Anne Brenner

2nd Place: Kenneth Titow, Harvinder Sidhu, Bruce Silverstein, Markland Jones, Perry Van Hook, Robb Gordon

Flight A Winners (0-6000 MPs):

1st Place: Paul Perkowski, Ed Yosses, Ronald Vickery, Kyle Rockoff

2nd Place: Rob Vetter, Sheryl Siegel, Kathleen Kelley, Robert Murphy

Flight B Winners (0-2500 MPs):

1st Place: William Kinney, Gary Millam, Irwin Sheer, Jackie Haugen

2nd Place: Wilt Cooper, Michael Hellman, Denise Klein, Kevin Stansbury

Flight C Winners (0-500 MPs):

1st Place: David Loring, Bob Wagstaff, Mark Bishop, Sally Donaldson

2nd Place: Junlin Zeng, Arlene Connell, Bois Shapoval, Tom Schwartzkopf