Grand National Teams


Congratulations to the D17 Championship Flight Team: 

Alain Schreiber, Billy Miller, Geoff Hampson, Brad Moss, Robert Levin, Roger Lee.

Good Luck in Toronto and thank you for representing District 17!

A, B and C Strat D17 Finals are at the Denver Regional May 25th and 26th.

Pre-Registration is required by May 17th.  Important registration details are below on the  Registration Document.

The 2023-2024 National GNT Finals
will be held during the Toronto NABC starting July 17th. D17 subsidizes the winners of AB& C flights. Details are in the registration document.

Flight eligibility is based on masterpoint totals as of August 6, 2023:

  • Championship Flight: Unlimited.
  • Flight A: 0-6000 MPs. 
  • Flight B: 0-2500 MPs. 
  • Flight C: NLM with fewer than 500 MPs.  No Club Qualification necessary for Flight C Players.

For more information, contact D17 GNT Coordinator, Bonnie Bagley, 

For more information, contact D17 GNT Coordinator, Bonnie Bagley,

Club Level Qualifying

Clubs or Units may conduct Club Level Qualifying Games online or in person. Refer to the D17 Conditions of Contest for more details.

Online Swiss Team GNT Qualifiers:

Steamboat Bridge is hosting GNT Qualifiers intended for teams to qualify and also to practice Swiss Teams. All teams are welcomed. The larger the game, the better. Coaches are encouraged and are welcomed to kibbitz.

Saturday 3pm Game Dates hosted by VACB 255828:

October 14th; November 11th; December 9th; January 13th; February 17th

Click HERE for the Swiss Team Coaching Flyer.


If your club or unit is hosting Virtual GNT qualifiers and would like to be listed here and on the ‘Find a Class’ Calendar; Contact Sharon Smith.