National Appointments

Beginning in 2023, District Presidents, in consultation with Regional Directors, appoint exemplary members to the ACBL (National) Goodwill Committee and select those to receive the ACBL Charitable Recognition Award. Each are recognized in the February ACBL Bridge Bulletin and receive a recognition letter and pin.

2024 D17 National Honorees

Jack Shoemaker

Unit 356 Tucson, AZ ACBL Goodwill Committee Appointment

Sharon Smith

Unit 422 WYCO ACBL Goodwill Committee Appointment

Brenda Biggs

Unit 354 Phoenix, AZ ACBL Charitable Recognition Award

2023 D17 National Honorees

Jennifer O’Neill

Unit 361 Denver, CO ACBL Goodwill Committee Appointment

Bill Phillips

Unit 355 Northern AZ ACBL Goodwill Committee Appointment

JoAnne Lowe

Unit 354 Phoenix, AZ ACBL Charitable Recognition Award

Phebe Packer

Unit 354 Phoenix, AZ ACBL Charitable Recognition Award

2022 D17 National Appointments

Hurd Baruch

Hurd Buruch
Unit 356, Tucson, AZ ACBL National Goodwill Committee and National Charity Committee

I have known Hurd for many years. He is a gentle soul with a big heart who cares deeply for Tucson bridge, the community and for those in need.

Hurd is the Corporate Secretary for Tucson Charity Bridge, Tucson, AZ. He is a trusted advisor, mentor and director. He often adds to the money the club donates to local charities as part of its mission to serving the Tucson community.

Hurd has been a wonderful addition to the Unit 356 Board of Directors. His legal expertise has proved most helpful in reviewing contracts and assisting in corporate matters. Hurd has contributed greatly to the development of new Board policies and procedures. He will be missed as his term ends in 2021.

David Baglee

David Baglee
Unit 374, Albuquerque, NM 2022 ACBL National Goodwill Committee and National Charity Committee

After retiring from Intel, David became a Board Member of the Duke City Bridge Club, Albuquerque. In 2020, he became President — the year of the COVID lockdown. David has launched a new website for the club and after a break in, guided the enhancement of club security. He qualified as a club director in early 2021.

In 2020, he helped the Club Manager raise over $10K for The Alzheimer’s Association’s The Longest Day fundraising event. That same year, he raised over $7K for the club’s Christmas charity, Feed NM (New Mexico) Kids.

David has made a real difference to bridge in Albuquerque. An avid golfer, David and is a lifelong fan of the Liverpool Football Club.

Linnea Tow

Linnea Tow
Unit 351, Mesa, AZ 2022 ACBL National Goodwill Committee

Linnea Tow has been an essential part of Unit 351 for more than 15 years. She has volunteered selflessly as Unit Board Treasurer for 13 years and prior to that as a Board member. As if serving as Treasurer is not enough, Linnea is the first to volunteer her services to load up her truck and move tables to tournaments or to teach Youth Bridge in Ahwatukee, AZ. She is well known for her outstanding coleslaw salad that she makes and brings to the Unit Holiday Party for all to enjoy.

In 2021, Linnea will retire as Treasurer of Unit 351. Fortunately, she will continue to play bridge and promises to continue to make her incredible coleslaw.

In 2013, Linnea was appointed to the ACBL National Charity Committee.

2021 D17 National Charity Committee Appointments

Elly Larson
Unit 361
Denver, CO
Joyce Honorof
Unit 356
Tucson, AZ

2021 D17 National Goodwill Ambassadors

Elly Larson
Unit 361
Denver, CO
Gene Covington
Unit 383
Santa Fe, NM
Ashley Erwin
Unit 159
El Paso, TX