A Successful Pathway to Learning

I fell in love with the game more than 50 years ago and played during my college days, then life happened.  When I retired, I decided to start playing again and quickly discovered the game was not the same.  Luckily, I found my current bridge club, In Tempo Bridge Club and count myself incredibly fortunate to have Bjorgvin Kristinsson as my teacher and mentor.

I found the ACBL tournaments for beginners very helpful.  I started with the 0-5 Just Declare Daylong Tournament, then the 0-20 Tournament and now play the 299er Daylong Tournament and found myself humbled by it on a regular basis.  I also attend the ACBL Community Games and lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Through Bjorgvin, I found the District’s 199er NiteClub games.  I appreciate these games because they are easy to participate in and I have met such nice people playing in the games, plus you get the hand reviews after the game.

While I play a lot on line, I actually prefer the face to face play.  Guess I am old school.