Ace of Clubs Races

Created in 1984, The Ace of Clubs Races recognize the ACBL members who earn the most masterpoints (MPs) during club sanctioned events (excluding NAP/GNT qualifiers and STaCs) during a calendar year. Only black points are counted.

Now there are two separate Ace of Clubs Races: One for face-to-face club races and one for virtual club races.

There are 15 race categories ranging from 0-5 MPs to 10,000+. Players are placed in a category based on his/her MP totals at the beginning of a given year.

In 2011, The Ace of Clubs award was named after Helen Shanbrom, the most successful club player in ACBL history.

Now that there are two Ace of Clubs races, please hide the results tab and add two new boxes where users can click and access the links below for each of the races: