Covid Protocols for National, Regional and Sectional Tournaments

Covid Protocols for National, Regional and Sectional Tournaments
EFFECTIVE March 1, 2022

Based upon the most recently received guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the following will be in effect:
Until further notice, the following are mandatory:

  • VACCINATION: All staff, players and volunteers must be fully vaccinated with complete set of vaccinations completed no less than 14 days before the date o the event in which the player wishes to purchase an entry (booster shots ar highly recommended, but not required at this time). Unless prohibited by law each player must provide proof of vaccination to the Event Safety Coordinator o a member of their staff. In areas or locations where requiring proof of vaccinatio is prohibited by law, the event sponsor must put in place other precautions, suc as mandatory rapid COVID testing and mask requirements. Please check wit the Tournament Chair for any changes or updates to this policy.
  • MASK REQUIREMENTS: Any tournament staffed by the ACBL must requir masking of players, staff and volunteers when the COVID-19 Community Leve rate is indicated as “High” (as determined by the CDC or a similar metric from health agency). This will be reviewed on a daily basis, therefore, players should b prepared for this to change during a tournament. Whether or not masks are required masking is always recommended, particularly if an attendee is at high risk for sever illness or otherwise is a member of a vulnerable population. This ACBL policy doe not countermand any ordinance or law in effect at the site of the tournament.
  • HAND SANITIZER: Hand sanitizer must be readily available inside the playing area.
  • EVENT SAFETY COORDINATOR: Each tournament sponsor must provide a designated Event Safety Coordinator, who will be available to review proof of vaccinations, etc.
  • TABLE SPACING: Tables must be set at a minimum of 9 feet centers.

Please note that all the above are subject to change. Please check with the Tournament Chair for any clarification or further information.