Who We Are

District 17 (D17) is one of 25 geographically defined Districts of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). D17 is designated as a not-for-profit social organization under Section 501 C (4) of the Internal Revenue Code.

District 17 (D17) is one of 25 geographically defined Districts of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). D17 is designated as a not-for-profit social organization under Section 501 C (4) of the Internal Revenue Code.000….

From the Northern Rocky Mountains to the Chihuahuan desert, D17 is comprised of 20 units within the following geographical areas: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern Nevada, Eastern Utah, West Texas and Wyoming.
Each unit supervises and promotes bridge within its boundaries.

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Our Purpose

D17 serves the diverse membership of its units under the authority of the ACBL. Its objectives are to:
  • Promote the highest standards of conduct and ethics for participants in tournaments and to take any and all steps necessary for that purpose.
  • Provide organized bridge activities and services to satisfy the social, recreational, educational and competitive needs of the membership and the community.
  • Schedule and conduct Grand National Teams (GNT), North American Pairs (NAP) and other such events as may be created and promoted by the ACBL.
  • Participate in ACBL charity programs, and sponsor and conduct charity events with the objective of providing funds for humanitarian causes nationally and within our bridge communities.
  • Foster goodwill throughout the District.
  • Publish a newsletter and maintain a website to disseminate information to members of the District.

D17 Board Members

Elizabeth Hamilton

President 415-994-3527 grtscot@gmail.com Representing: Las Vegas, NV Unit 373 Term expires: 12.31.2022

Steve Reynolds

Vice President 520-488-7730
tvs1@cox.net Representing: Tucson, AZ Unit 356 Term expires: 12.31.2022

Bill Phillips

Secretary 928-266-0865 spheres0000@gmail.com Representing: Arizona at large Units 355, 358 Term expires: 12.31.2022

Lakin Hines

Election Secretary
lakinh57@yahoo.com Representing: Mesa, Arizona
Unit 351
Term expires: 12.3.2023

Jennifer O’Neill

Treasurer 303-596-8153 jjo4501@gmail.com Representing: Denver, Colorado Unit 361 Term expires: 12.31.2021

JoAnne Lowe

pnutlowe@cox.net Representing: Phoenix, AZ Unit 354 Term expires: 12.31.2021

Sharon Smith

sharon@spatialsolutionsgroup.com Representing: Colorado at large and Wyoming Units 359, 364, 421, 222 Term expires: 12.31.2023

John Grossmann

719-233-9464 blackstone.co@comcast.net Representing: Eastern Colorado Units 360, 363, 367 Term expires: 12.31.2021

Steve Nordberg

texminnn@sbcglobal.net Representing: El Paso and Southern New Mexico at large Units 159, 376, 380 and 388 Term expires: 12.31.2023

Richard Rosenthal

cmrosen@ameritech.net 630-770-1401 Representing: Northern New Mexico Units 374, 381, 383 Term expires: 12.31.2021

Cindy Shoemaker

National Board Representative D17 Ex-Officio Board Member district17director@acbl.org 719-337-6258 Term expires: 12.31.2022

Conduct and Ethics

Robb Gordon

ACBL National Recorder https://www.acbl.org/conduct-and-ethics

Larry Bertholf

District 17 Recorder bertholf@swcp.com

Danny Sprung

District 17 Assistant Recorder dannysprung@gmail.com

Peggy Ware

District Appellate Committee Chair pegdef@yahoo.com

David Caprera

District Disciplinary Committee Chair david.caprera@gmail.com

D17 Board of Governors Representatives

Doug Couchman


Joann Sprung


Anne H. Brenner


James C. Calhoun


D17 Committees

The President, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall have the power to create and appoint the members of standing and special committees as he may deem necessary or appropriate, designate the chairs thereof and assign functions thereto. The members of committees need not be members of the Board of Directors, but must be members of District 17.

Tournament Coordinator: JoAnne Lowe

Regional Tournaments: Liz Hamilton

Tournament Supplies: Bill Phillips

Communications: Cindy Shoemaker

Website: Cindy Shoemaker

Contract Review: Steve Reynolds

Policies & Procedures: Steve Reynolds, Jennifer O’Neill and Bill Phillips

Education: Sharon Smith

Membership & Outreach: John Grossmann

Western Conference: John Grossmann

NAP (North American Pairs): Lakin Hines

GNT (Grand National Teams): Bonnie Bagley bonnie1bagley@gmail.com

Grant Programs: Steve Nordberg

Charity & Goodwill: Liz Hamilton