D17 Election News

The D17 election cycle is in full swing. The nomination period for candidates interested in running for the District 17 board is July 1 through August 31. Candidates may be nominated by any member of the voting unit(s) that are participating in the election, including self-nomination.

Candidates must be members of the District in good standing and not under probation or suspension from the ACBL. No Board member shall be employed by the ACBL nor receive more than $5,000 per calendar year for any contract or assignment.

Voting will take place the first week of November. If there is only one candidate for a particular seat, then no vote is held and that candidate is elected by acclamation.

Currently, there are two candidates running for the Unit 361 (Denver) position. They are: Jennifer O’Neill (incumbent) and Sheryl Siegel. JoAnne Lowe, Unit 354 (Phoenix) will stand for re-election.

Units 374, 381 and 383 are currently represented by Richard Rosenthal. Richard will not stand for re-election. Bill Curtis will run to represent Units 360 and 363. John Grossmann will not stand for re-election.
Prospective candidates must send notice by mail or electronic means on or before September 1 to the member’s unit president and to Lakin Hines, election secretary, lakinh57@yahoo.com

The term of a D17 Board member is three years, beginning January 1 in the year following election.