D17 Election News

The 2023 D17 Board election cycle is now complete. 

Kitty Larson has been elected to represent Mesa Unit 351. 

Sharon Smith ran unopposed and will continue to represent Colorado at large and Wyoming Units 359, 364, 421 and 422.

D17 Board members are elected by their respective unit board(s), each serving three year terms on the District Board beginning January 1 in the year following the election. 

In August, the D17 Board unanimously voted to decrease in size from 11 to 10 board members. 

Unit 159, El Paso, TX, Southern New Mexico Units 376, 380 and 388 and Northern New Mexico Units 374, 381 and 383 will be represented by one D17 Board member beginning January 1, 2024. Neil Hunter will represent these units. Hunter’s term expires 12.31.2024. Steve Nordberg will no longer serve on the Board after his term expires 12.31.2023.  

Officer Elections  

In October, the D17 Board elected its officers during a face-to-face meeting held in conjunction with the Taos Regional. 

The following Board members were elected for one-year terms beginning January 1, 2024:

Elizabeth Hamilton, representing Las Vegas Unit 373, has been re-elected to serve as President.

Neil Hunter, currently representing Northern New Mexico Unit 374, 381, 383, has been re-elected to serve as Vice President.

Jennifer O’Neill, representing Denver Unit 361, has been re-elected to serve as Treasurer. 

Bill Phillips, representing AZ at large Units 355 and 358, has been re-elected to serve as Recording Secretary.

The D17 Board will elect an Election Secretary in January.