The challenges of the new normal

Bridge On Shea, like all businesses at this time, is trying to find a NEW NORMAL. What we’ve discovered is the NEW encompasses everything we do. The NORMAL is anything but! It changes not daily, but hourly and has not yet been defined.

Our goal was twofold. How do we help our players continue to play the game we all love and how do we mitigate loss due to closure? It was a no-brainer to open our game online even knowing the learning curve for our directors and players would be great.

Our team stepped right up, got trained and we were quickly up and running.

Next, we recorded short videos instructing players on how to navigate BBO and how to find our game and posted all to our website – The questions came in like an avalanche. Everyone fielded questions while our main director dealt with getting everyone approved and online.

What the game looks like was a little harder, but we listened to our players and we learned by trial and error. In the end, we determined that we would not partner with clubs from around the country, but chose to foster community by keeping our virtual games as close to our “live” club games as possible. We did, however, partner with some local clubs as this approximates our sectionals and allows us to “see” friends from different parts of the valley.

We will continue to respond to the requests of our players and hope to find our NORMAL soon, and we look forward to returning to face-to-face play when it is safe to do so.