Don’t let technology keep you out of the game

While staying safe at home, we find ourselves trying to fill the void left by the absence of our 3.5 hour bridge games.

Enter Bridge Base Online. Although virtual bridge will never replace the social aspects of face-to-face bridge, virtual bridge is alluring. Now that local clubs are holding online membership games, you can actually “visit” via chat while at the computer monitor/bridge table. And where can you play bridge in your pajamas at 7 am or 7 pm up to five times per day?

Playing online takes some getting used to. My first few games were filled with missteps and overwhelm, but I quickly learned to appreciate that you can’t revoke, lead out of turn, bid out of turn or make an insufficient bid.

I encourage you to give online bridge a try. If your club has a virtual game, you can join them. If not, you can play in the ACBL Support Your Club games. Either way, you can earn masterpoints and stay connected.

Feeling technically challenged? Don’t worry. I’d say at least 50 percent of your bridge friends are in the same boat. However, you can learn everything you need to know through tutorials or a word document that takes you step by step from getting online to finding your results. To access these documents, please go to the In Tempo Bridge Club website,

If you need further assistance, I’m sure your local club directors and/or managers will be happy to help. I am more than happy to help as well. I’ve spent the last month walking players through the process via phone or ZOOM meetings with no failures. Email and we’ll get you playing.

No matter where you play, you are welcome to join us at In Tempo Bridge Club ‘s “After the Fact” ZOOM meetings held every morning at 8 am where we will answer your questions about your previous day’s hands. You can find that link on the In Tempo website.

Hope to “see” you at the tables!