Online Bridge has Kept Me Going!

By Karlene Spivak,
Unit 364,
Regional Master.

As the pandemic shut down our bridge clubs, it opened an opportunity for me! Instead of driving 1/2 hour to the Vail open game, or an hour to Frisco via Vail pass (treacherous), my access to games focused on BBO. I had to learn fast, but there were few conflicting activities: bicycling, reading…

I found Zoom classes and support offered by Maggie’s and the Vail ValleyBridge clubs, and tapped into and expanded my “flock” of partners.

I could play daily, twice a day, more! We could learn together by reviewing our games using BBO “history”.

I met kind and tolerant partners using the “desk” and encouraging directors. I became a “guest” with other clubs.

I was getting more practice, practice, practice and watched it pay off in bits of points. By the end of 2020 I had earned 80 masterpoints, and only needed a silver sliver more. I was a bridge couch potato!

As a “perpetual student” (many post graduate educational pursuits), bridge is a perfect vehicle to keep me learning; there’s something in every game!

My library of resources grows, spending has been redirected to Virtual Clubs, and I even launched a “kids” game: helping them access free, online bridge lessons (alas they had computer “overload”. Maybe they’ll return to the game later).

BBO tournament play has kept me “alive” and “in touch” during this scary and isolating time.