Denver dynamos offer free online bridge lessons to youth

The global pandemic has not stopped a group of women from Denver, CO to do all they can to promote the great game of bridge. Elly Larson, owner, the Denver Metro Bridge Studio, is sponsoring FREE online bridge lessons for youth and new-playing adults. Elly approached Shelbie Bastiaans and Sheryl Siegel to teach a short six-week introductory class to youth and any new player that would be interested in learning bridge. This course, now called Denver Metro Quick Bridge, was intended as a way to give back to our bridge community and to say thank you to our players in Unit 361. It is primarily targeted toward children and grandchildren of our membership. Shelbie and Sheryl were also instrumental in the inception, planning and coordination of the first ever virtual Denver Rocky Mountain PRO/AM.

The lessons focus on the basic bridge principles of counting points, estimating tricks, no-trump vs. suits, bidding and simple play. Sheryl and Shelbie developed a fun and colorful Powerpoint presentation for each of the six lessons. Classes are being taught via Zoom followed by play on Bridge Base Online (BBO) to reinforce the lesson and principles of each week. Each student received an introductory package that included a basic bridge book, two decks of cards and a pizza punch card. The books were generously donated by the family of Norma Sands. If the students participate in all six lessons, Elly will send each a large pizza delivered to the door.

Currently, Shelbie and Sheryl are teaching four (4) groups during the week with students from around the country, including New York, Missouri, Utah and Colorado. Most of the students are grandchildren of our members. Denver Metro Quick Bridge has been very well received by the students, parents and grandparents. Family members are always welcome to join in on the Zoom lesson to kibbitz.

“Computer games, TV and cell phones tend to occupy our youth, so it is exciting to see the students grasp the basic principles of bridge quickly and look forward to their weekly lessons,” said Sheryl. Want to learn more about this innovative program? Email Elly Larson: