ACBL Guest Memberships Are Here!

Introducing ACBL’s Guest Membership option – a FREE way for players and students to try the benefits of ACBL membership.

With a Guest Membership, a player can:
  • Play in any club or tournament game
  • Earn up to 20 masterpoints®
  • Read online editions of the Bridge Bulletin
  • Receive ACBL Live and Live for Clubs results emails

Guest Memberships last for 120 days and are only available to brand-new members (no previous or current members). Masterpoints will be filed as unrecorded and become permanent upon joining with a full membership.

Invite your friends and family to join the ACBL community by simply copying and pasting the link below into an email.

When guest members sign up, they will create a username and password, fill out contact information and provide basic details. They will receive a confirmation email the next business day.

The email will have a link to their very own guest member profile page where they will find their member number, masterpoint count (shown the day after playing) and links to key benefits and resources.

Help us grow our community of bridge lovers and spread the word about ACBL Guest Memberships!