A Mentor Worth her Weight in Gold

Finding a mentor who will stick with you, improve your bridge experience and your game is priceless. It happened to Loren Moore, Las Vegas Unit 373, who re-entered the game 2.5 years ago after a 30 plus year hiatus.

While playing face-to-face bridge, Loren was introduced to Susan Chook of Henderson, Las Vegas. As an intermediate player, Susan was hesitant to take on the role of mentor, but she saw something in Loren and took a chance.

“Susan has the patience of the Rock of Gibraltar,” says Moore. “I once told her that I wouldn’t blame her if she pulled out a club and hit me with it and then used a spade to bury me. But, no. She just pulls out hearts and rewards with diamonds.”

Loren Moore
Susan Chook

During the pandemic, Susan and Loren regularly participate in virtual club games and ACBL tournaments.

On August 27, Susan and Loren played in the Golden Sands Super Gold Rush pairs event held during the ACBL Virtual Vacation Regionally-Rated Tournament. They had a 66.6 percent game and earned 1.74 gold.

This gave Susan the gold she needed to become a life master!

Loren recently became an NABC master and has earned over 200 masterpoints.

“I really enjoy online bridge,” says Moore. “I don’t have to fight the traffic and I am earning points faster than I would during face-to-face play.”

We cannot predict the end of the pandemic, but it is safe to say that the Chook/Moore partnership is here to stay.