99er NiteClub

The All-Western 99er NiteClub

District 17 and CA Districts 19, 21, 22 and 23 have united to offer all 99ers in these districts a dedicated, fun and safe place to play. The All-Western 99er NiteClub is open to any member from these four districts with less than 100 masterpoints.

Player Prerequisites

  • Fewer than 100MPs
  • Played in at least one virtual game on Bridge Base Online (BBO)
  • Belong to a club that has opted into the 99er NiteClub program

Game Days and Time

Games are offered Monday through Thursday evenings beginning at 7:30PM MT followed by an optional post game Zoom session. Pre-game support is available on game nights from 7:00PM-7:30PM MT. Masterpoints awarded!


Entry fees are $6 per person per game with a portion of the proceeds being returned to clubs. Game fees are $7.50 for ACBL special events.

Join Today!

If you are a club and want to opt-in or a 99er who wants to join the fun, please contact 99erNiteClub@gmail.com or your District 17 liaison, Sharon Smith, at sharon@spatialsolutionsgroup.com.

Two games dedicated to 99ers where you and your partner can play safely and have fun!

12-board ACBL Virtual Games, awarding masterpoints®

Mondays – Thursdays

7:30PM MT – 0-100 MPs

Additionally on Tuesdays: 7:20PM MT – 0-20 MPs

Join the post-game analysis on Zoom, hosted by our district’s finest teachers


  • Must have fewer than 100MPs (for 0-100 game) (Must have fewer than 20 for the Tuesday 0-20 section*)
  • Must belong to a club that has opted into the 99er NiteClub program**
  • Must demonstrate BBO proficiency


Games will appear in BBO 2 hours prior to start time

  • Log into BBO
  • Select “Competitive” under “Play or Watch Bridge”
  • Select “ACBL Virtual Clubs” under “Tournaments”
  • Look for VACB277640
  • Select either “0-100 All-Western 99er NiteClub” or “0-20 All-Western 99er NiteClub”

If ACBL has your email on file, you will also receive an invite on those days your club has opted into this program, including the schedule for the day plus links to the previous day’s program.


$6 entry fee*** – a portion of the proceeds will be returned to the clubs.

Proudly sponsored as a service to our 99ers by Districts 17/19/21/22/23 and Unit 526.

Join today!

For more information, please contact your home club, your District 17 liaison, Sharon Smith at sharon@spatialsloutionsgroup.com

Proudly sponsored as a service to our 99ers by Districts 17/19/21/22/23 and Unit 526.

* Players with fewer than 20MPs can play in either game

** Some players may not be affiliated with a local club – as “free agents,” you will be vetted by the club manager when you register

*** $7.50 entry fee for 18-board ACBL special events11

Here’s what players are saying about the 99er NiteClub!

“I’m so glad there are more times available, so we don’t have to play with the experts all of time,” Laurel Morgan

“We enjoyed it and felt ‘at home’ with that group,” Chris Riggers

“Love this night game! Would love to see another one too, maybe a 0-199er for when one of us exceeds the 99 mark. … thank you much for starting this game as well as the post-game analysis,” Jim and Kathy Day