No face-to-face tournaments through July 2021

The road back to face-to-face bridge has been a long one, but we do see a light at the end of the tunnel.
While more areas across the continent are “reopening” as the COVID-19 vaccine gains traction, there is still quite a way to go to reach security for member and staff health. With that in mind, we want to give you an update on what the rest of 2021 looks like.
First, the Providence North American Bridge Championships (NABC) set for Summer 2021 has been moved to Summer 2022. Staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to ensure that this event will be held in Providence RI next year at the same location.
Additionally, the previously scheduled 2022 Summer NABC in Washington DC has been canceled due to the playing and lodging site’s bankruptcy and subsequent closing.
Thank you to the NABC committees of both Washington DC and Providence for their incredible efforts!
Second, we have developed a phased plan for the safe return to face-to-face play.
Return to playing in person will begin at the local club level. All tournament sanctions have been canceled through the end of July. This is largely due to access to vaccines and the progressing travel needs to play at the local club, in a Sectional, in a Regional and at an NABC.

Already, some clubs are playing face-to-face with safety protocols in place, and we expect this number to grow. Holding this kind of play at the club level is up to each individual club; however, we urge you to act with caution and in accordance with your local safety requirements.
The next phase of “reopening” face-to-face play will be the return of Sectionals. This will run parallel to increased availability of vaccines, and we estimate these tournaments to begin in August 2021 depending on local conditions (this is subject to change).
The following phase will be the return of Regionals. We estimate this period to begin in early October. However, please note that these dates are subject to change as the year progresses.  
Finally, we plan to resume the NABC schedule in Fall 2021 with the Austin NABC in November. The dates for the 2021 Fall NABC are set as November 25-December 5.
Click here to see the full timeline.
We are very excited for the return of face-to-face tournament bridge! In the meantime, there are daily opportunities to play online, along with many special events. We are especially excited to announce improvements to the Summer North American Online Bridge Championships (NAOBC)Click here to see the new schedule of NAOBC events.
Thank you so much for your support this past year. Your loyalty ensures there is a future for bridge. We hope you will continue to bear with us as the plan to return to face-to-face play unfolds in 2021. Please note it is subject to change; however, we will notify you as soon as possible with any potential adjustments.
Joseph Jones
Executive Director