D17 GNT Update

Form your teams now for the D17 GNT Finals
No Qualification Required!

The D17 GNT (Grand National Teams) Finals for Flights A, B and C will be held on Bridge Base Online Wednesday, May 26 and Thursday, May 27, 2021.  The National Finals start Wednesday, July 14.

The GNTs is a grass roots team competition providing the opportunity to become a National Champion while competing with your peers.

This is the year to play!

♠ Compete in the District GNT Finals with no previous qualification required and at the masterpoint level as of August 6, 2019.

♠ A D17 ACBL member of good standing may play with any other member of D17 in the appropriate Flight – does not have to be in the same club, unit, city or state.

♠ There are no travel expenses! Since tournaments have been canceled through July, both the District and National competitions will be online – you can play at home.

♠ District 17 waives the entry fee for the Flight C players (0-500 MPs, non-Life Master) and ACBL waives the entry for Flights A, B & C at the National level for the first two days of competition.  D17 pays the entry fees for teams who progress beyond the first two days.

Get in the Game!

Field a team, play at the District level, win and go on to the National level to compete against the other District winners. If there are eight teams or more competing in the Flight B & Flight C District Finals, the top two teams may go on. 

For more information contact Bonnie Bagley, D17 GNT Coordinator at bon1bon@comcast.net or 719 593-0205.

Form your team now, start practicing and get ready to play!

The D17 GNT Finals will be held at the May Rocky Mountain Regional in Denver Colorado on Saturday and Sunday, May 29 and May 30 for Flights A, B and C and on Monday, May 31 if necessary, for Flight A.

If the Rocky Mountain Regional is cancelled, the D17 GNT Finals will be held online Wednesday and Thursday, May 26 and May 27.

For more information contact Bonnie Bagley, D17 GNT Coordinator, bon1bon@comcast.net

D17 GNT Conditions of Contest

ACBL GNT Conditions of Contest