A common question from rising players,  

     "Where can I get gold points?"

We, in District 17, know a lot about gold!  Cripple Creek,  The Lost Dutchman's Mine,  Montezauma's lost gold, Skeleton Canyon treasure....

There are rumors of gold treasure in every corner of District 17!  Gold points can be found in all forms of regional events: pairs games, knockouts, Swiss teams, and even side games. Here is your gilded guide to gold at D17 regional tourneys, including the special Non-Life Master Regional in Tucson. 


Two-session Open Pairs:  If you win a 1st in your section in Strats A or B in an open pairs game you will get gold points.

Two-session Open Pairs Overalls:  If you have a high percent average in your two sessions and place in the overalls in strats A or B, you will win gold points.

Gold Rush Pairs:  This relatively new tournament offering is a limited strati-flighted two session pairs event.  No player can have more than 750 masterpoints and players compete in B, C and D strats (A and Ax players play in separate sessions).  If you finish 1st in your section or make the overalls in Strat B, you will win Gold Points.

Knockout Teams:  KOs can be four session or compact (two session).  You team will play in a bracket with other teams that have a similiar number of masterpoints.  If you progress past the first two rounds and make it to the semi-finals, everyone on your team will win some gold points.  The fraction of gold vs red points depends upon the masterpoint range of your bracket.

Two Session Swiss Teams:  You are awarded gold points if you make the overall list in either Strat A or B of a two session Swiss Team event.  Some tournaments now feature a "Bracketed" Double Session Swiss Team where more teams win gold.  In this type of event, the A and Ax teams play in a separate group.  All of the other teams are clustered in generally groups of eight and play only the teams in their group.  Regardless of the masterpoint level of these groups or strats, some gold points are awarded to first, second and third place teams!

Side Game Series:                                                        

There are two ways to earn gold points in a side game series.  If you play in a least two sessions in a side game series and place 1st in your   section in either session, you will earn gold points.   The second way to earn gold in a side series is if your average percent in from you top two scores in the same side series qualifies you placement in the overalls.

Gold Points can also be won at NABCs which are held three times a year in different parts of North America.  Once a year, ACBL supports an instant Matchpoint Game at clubs where one gold point is awarded for section winners in each direction.

Got more questions?   Ask a director at any tourney, or visit your intermediate/newcomer help desk.

Updated March 2015


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