District 17 Regional Tournament Plan

(D17 RTP) 


ACBL District 17 offers __________________________(the host Unit) the authority to plan, manage and operate the regional bridge tournament which is scheduled for

_______________________ at the_____________________________________

in ___________________________.


The D17 RTP is a cooperative vision shared by District17 and its host Units. 


Our shared vision is to serve our mutual members by providing regional tournaments that meet the following objectives:

1.   Provide comfortable, well-lit playing environments.

2.   Establish event schedules designed to meet the desires of our membership.

3.   Ensure consistently high levels of hospitality and entertainment.

4.   Set affordable entry fees and playing site room rates.

5.   Welcome new players with an I/N program that encourages ACBL membership, including a speaker program and/or other educational and skill development opportunities.

6.   Run professional tournaments with competent directors and consistent conditions of contest.

7.   Create an environment of goodwill for our players and appreciation for our volunteers.

8.   Allow opportunities for host Units and District 17 to create surpluses which will allow them to remain fiscally viable and able to return benefits to their members.


To accomplish our shared objectives, the D17 RTP outlines best practices, standard operating procedures, fee structures, shared expectations and advertising and charity game parameters.


General ACBL / District 17 Tournament Policies

Tournaments are conducted in accordance with regulations established by the ACBL, Western Conference and District17 which include:

·     Tournaments are non-smoking and electronic smoking devises are banned.

·     Tournaments are zero-tolerance as outlined by the ACBL.

·     Periodic hospitality breaks are provided.

·     All electronic devices are turned off during all sessions of play.  

·     Flyers and Daily bulletins will contain information about fragrances: Please do not wear cologne, perfume or scented lotions. They may cause fragrance related reactions.


Best Practices and Standard Operating Procedures


1.   A Unit may request being added to the District 17 schedule and has the right to refuse a District 17 invitation to hold a regional. District 17 authorizes a host Unit to hold a District 17 regional tournament on a priority week within a calendar month. The exact timing of the tournament within the District 17 authorized window is proposed by the Unit through their District Representative and approved by the District 17 Board of Directors.


2.   The host Unit will obtain a sanction number from the ACBL for the tournament at least three years in advance of the event.

3.   With support of the D17 board, the host Unit may request a specific director from the D17 approved director list when applying for the sanction.  The DIC appoints the tournament staff in consultation with the tournament chair.  Directors currently approved as DICs by and for District 17 regionals are Eric Bell, Nancy Boyd, Ken Horwedel, Matt Koltnow, Brian Russell, Matt Smith, and Gary Zeiger.

4.   Prior to signing a hotel contract, the host Unit submits the hotel contract to the District 17 Contracts Review Committee, who will review the contract and provide feedback to the host Unit in order to help negotiate the most favorable contract. The contract is signed by the Unit and is legally the Unit's responsibility.

5.   The host Unit submits a proposed budget and schedule of events to the District Representative and the District 17 Regional Tournament Committee Chair for review and comment at least eight months in advance of the tournament.  Upon final agreement of these items by the District 17 board, no changes in the schedule, other than cosmetic changes, are made without further agreement by the District 17 board. 

6.   The D17 RTP is offered to the host Unit after the District 17 Board of Directors has approved the schedule and budget. The host Unit accepts or rejects the D17 RTP within 60 days of the date it is signed by the District 17 President.  Acceptance is assumed when this document is signed and dated by the host Unit President and the District 17 President and returned to District 17 Secretary, Bonnie Bagley, 7285 Ross Dr., Colorado Springs, CO  80920-3350. 

7.   The tournament flyer is created by a host Unit and is shared with District 17 Representative,___________________________________, for review and agreement.  Tournament flyers include the schedule of events including the NAP and the GNT if applicable, hotel information, stratifications, ACBL sanction number and information for the Director in Charge, Tournament Chair and Partnership Chair(s). 

8.   The host Unit produces tournament flyers after the District 17 Board of Directors has agreed to the schedule of events.  It is recommended this is done at least two NABCs before the actual tournament.

9.   Hand records are provided for all pair events. These hand records are provided by the ACBL and reproduced by the Directing staff.

10.District 17 arranges to provide pre-dealt hands for all pair games.  Dan Williams,bigelk1999@gmail.com, is the District 17 assigned dealer. The host Unit provides a secure room for the dealing of pre-dealt hands. 

11.The host Unit determines the amount and distribution of the prize awards including section tops.

12.The host Unit provides a Regional Daily Bulletin newsletter listing the results of the prior day’s events. Go to d17acbl.org for examples of Daily Bulletins.

13.A notice is published two times (one of which must be a Friday or Saturday) in the Regional's Daily Bulletin advertising the next District 17 regional. This notice is provided free of charge and should be clearly visible. The host Unit may request copy from the Publicity Chair of the upcoming Regional.

14.The host Unit cleans, replaces missing or damaged parts, and forwards District 17 bidding boxes as directed to the next tournament site or to Las Vegas.  District 17 will reimburse the host Unit for shipping charges.

15.  The host Unit submits a detailed financial report to the District 17 Treasurer within sixty   (60) days of the tournament’s completion. The District 17 Treasurer reviews the report  and reconciles any discrepancies with the Unit Treasurer or Unit Tournament Chair.  A  copy is forwarded to the District 17 Finance Committee for review and the District 17              Secretary for  inclusion in the Board Meeting packets.


Fee Structures

1.   For players whose ACBL dues/service fees are paid up, entry fees for all events are $13.00 per person per session. For all others, entry fees are $17.00. Dues/service fees paid at the time the entry purchased qualify for the $13.00 fee. Entry fees for I/N events are determined by the host Unit.  Sanction charges still apply.  Entry fees may be increased or decreased upon request of the host Unit and agreement by the District 17 board.

2.   The ACBL sanction fee is $4.40 per table. The Director-in-Charge will remit these fees to ACBL with the tournament report. *****The ACBL sanction fee is subject to change. 

3.   The District sanction fee is    $10.00   per table.  This fee is calculated after subtracting tables for Charity pairs and free fills.  The Director-in-Charge calculates these fees at the conclusion of the tournament.  The host Unit is responsible for sending all District 17 free play slips, a copy of the Tournament Worksheet and a check for the sanction fee within seven days following the conclusion of the tournament to the District 17 Treasurer:                      

4.   District 17 pays for pre-dealt hands under an arrangement with Dan Williams who can be reached at bigelk1999@gmail.com.  The host Unit helps Dan Williams get the hotel staff rate if one is available. Mr. Williams pays for his own sleeping room. 

5.   The host Unit receives reimbursement from District 17 for the following items:

·     When the District Finals of the GNT or NAP are held at the Regional Tournament, the host Unit is reimbursed $600 to cover the cost of room use, supplies, hospitality and caddies for the event. All other costs are paid directly by the District.

·     The District reimburses the Unit up to $1,000 for providing additional hospitality for the I/N program.

These reimbursements are sent to the Unit Treasurer when the final tournament financial report is received by the District 17 Treasurer.

1.   The host Unit is responsible for all expenses including advertising, entertainment, hand records, hospitality, photography, prizes, staff and supplies.

2.   All agreements/reimbursements with vendors are between the host Unit and the vendors.

3.   A minimum of $5.00 per table is spent on hospitality/entertainment. These expenses may include souvenirs, scrip, prizes, trophies, seminars, chits, hospitality desk supplies, parties, entertainment, dinner subsidies, bar and parking expenses when available to all players.  With the exception of restaurant and other retail store discount coupons or gift cards, documented in-kind contributions count toward the minimum $5.00 hospitality requirement. The host Unit and District 17 Tournament Committees both agree on the value of in-kind contributions prior to applying them toward the $5.00 per table minimum.

4.   The cost of cleaning, replacing missing or damaged cards and shipping the bid boxes to the next regional site is reimbursed to the host Unit by District 17.

5.   In the event of an unusual loss due to circumstances beyond the control of the host Unit, District 17 will share the financial loss, provided best practices, processes and standard operating procedures outlined in this agreement have been adhered to in a responsible manner. 



1.   The equivalent of a one-page Western Conference Contract Bridge Forum ad, which can be divided as the Unit decides, one to include the schedule of events, is required.

2.   Written articles describing the Regional activities may be submitted to the Scorecard editors for inclusion in the District's newsletter. All advertising and articles are reviewed and agreed upon by the District Representative prior to submission. Copy for these ads are received prior to the 5th of the month preceding that in which the ad is to appear and are sent to District 17 editors: Steve & Kitty Cooper, 11070 Valle Vista Rd., Lakeside, CA  92040, d17editors@contractbridgeforum.com.  

3.   Advertising in the ACBL Bulletin is optional.  Additional information is available at advertising@acbl.org and on page four of the ACBL Bridge Bulletin.


Charity Game

1.   One charity game is required with a minimum of   $10.00   per table payable to the ACBL Charity Foundation or any other IRS-approved tax exempt charitable organization of the host Unit's choice. It is usually most convenient to hold this event on the evening prior to the first full day of the tournament.  Two charity games may be held.  If two are held, one benefits an ACBL-appointed charity.  If two are held, they are afternoon and evening sessions.  Only one charity game is exempt from District 17 sanction fees. Knockouts and team games do not qualify as charity games.   

2.   One charity game is exempt from Western Conference and District 17 sanction fees. If a local charity is designated as the recipient, the Director-in-Charge must include, in the tournament report, the name of the charity to which the proceeds are being donated. Note: Western Conference sanction fees are paid by D17.


If you have any questions, need clarification or assistance, please contact your D17 Representative ___________________________.



Sign and Date on the Appropriate Spaces Below


__________________________President, District  ___________________Date




_________________________ President, Unit   _____________________ Date




_______________________________Tournament Chair __________________________ Date




_______________________________District Representative _______________________Date


(updated January 2017)

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