Tales from the Table


In June 2016, Scorecard introduced a new feature suggested by Dave Caprera, Tales from the Table. Scorecard editors envision that when something interesting happens while you’re playing our favorite game, you’ll write it up and send it to them. Fame and glory await! Our first offering comes from Dave himself; he calls it Jim’s Story.

Online at BBO. Four experts. IMP scoring.


N/S vul                                           S  AKJx

                                            H KJ10xxx

                                            D AK

                                            C x

S Qxxx                                                                                 S xx

H xxxx                                                                                 H Ax

D x                                                                               ¨     D xxxx

C Kxxx                                                                                 C AQxxx


                                            S xxx

                                            H Q

                                            D QJ10xxx

                                            C Jxx


South                 West                North                 East


Pass                    1H                   2H                       Pass

Pass                     3C                  Double                 Pass

3D                        Pass                Pass                    Pass


Declarer won the opening diamond lead, cashed a second diamond (West pitching an encouraging club), and played a heart from dummy which East ducked. Declarer soon claimed, making seven.

A lot could have been said: N/S are cold for 5H, and 3D could have been held to three on declarer’s line. But the only one to say anything was Jim Munday, sitting West. “Sorry partner, I could have pitched a heart.” I want to play with Jim Munday!

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