Membership Building in Summit County, Colorado

A somewhat unique program is being run by Chris and Shari Dorton in Summit County (ski country), Colorado. They have implemented a bridge teaching program based on the Bridge in the 21st Century teaching manual, tailored to ski country terminology. In 2016, they had 29 participants in a four-week “Bunny Slope Never-Ever” class for new players. This was followed by a five week “Green Slope” set of classes with 19 students. For 2017, they plan to have a new series of lessons, but with the addition of five weeks of “Blue Slope” classes to cover more advanced topics. In the Summer/Fall, they have “Black Slope” lessons, including talks from invited bridge experts. Some effective ideas in the Summit County program:   1. The program was heavily promoted in the local club, local paper, senior center newspaper, flyers at the senior center, and announcements at senior events and dinners.   2. The social aspects of the game were heavily stressed as a way to meet new people.   3. During the classes, players were gently moved toward duplicate bridge by using boards and keeping tricks duplicate style; this allowed all players to play the same hands and discuss results.   4. “Table angels” were used at each table along with three students; the table angel never played the hand, a student was always declarer.


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