In the Fall of 2008, Rod Bias started a bridge school program in the Phoenix area, teaching students in middle schools, at a variety of times and in a variety of locations.  It required help from lots of folks and resulted in about 60 kids, mostly 5th graders, learning bridge and playing in local tournaments.

Recently, John Baragona has taken over the program and Phoenix has four teams in four schools, with four sets of coaches (usually 3 coaches per school).  John hopes to have 8-10 teams for a Youth Swiss event at the Phoenix I/N Regional on April 29th.  This is a great way to encourage young players to join ACBL and continue as they get older.

Rod Bias is now working with bridge players in Tucson to start a school program there.  Way to go, Rod!

ACBL has resourses for school bridge programs on their website.


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