District 17 holds 6 Regional Tournaments each year, plus a non Life Master Regional.  The schedule for the next few years includes:


District 17 now has BridgeResults to display tournament results.  Pop up photos of players, strength of field measures, special summaries of best games and best pairs, cross referencing of results, player summary for all sessions, and many more features.  Click "RESULTS" below.


Las Vegas, NV: Las Vegas Regional, January 20-26    flyer BridgeResults
Albuquerque, NM: February 24 - March 2    flyer BridgeResults
Mesa, AZ: Roadrunner Senior Regional, April 7-13    flyer BridgeResults
Denver, CO: Rocky Mountain Regional, May 20-26    flyer BridgeResults
Colorado Springs, CO:  Pikes Peak Regional, August 11 - 17  flyer tournament website BridgeResults
Phoenix, AZ: Desert Empire Regional, October 6-12  flyer BridgeResults

Note:  2014 Summer NABC was in Las Vegas, July 17 - 27


Albuquerque, NM: Navajo Trail Regional, January 19-25  flyer  BridgeResults
Tucson, AZ: Old Pueblo Regional, February 23 - March 1  flyer  BridgeResults
Mesa, AZ: Roadrunner Senior Regional, April 6-12  flyer
Denver, CO: Rocky Mountain Regional, May 19-25  flyer

Flyer error for Denver:  An early printing of the Denver tournament flyer showed the The Mt. Massive Charity Pairs1 pm on Tuesday May 19th.  The correct time for this event is 7 pm. 

Las Vegas, NV: Las Vegas Regional, June 22-28

       flyer  now has more hotel information including rates


Taos, NM.: Sept. 21 -27,  flyer
Tucson Az. NLM Regional, Nov. 12-15

Note:  2015 Fall NABC is in Denver, November 26 - December 7


Albuquerque, NM: Navajo Trai Regional, January 18 - 24
Mesa, Az.: Roadrunner Senior Regional, March 28- April 3
Denver Co: rocky Mountain Regional, May 24-30
Las Vegas, Nv: Las Vegas Regional, June 6 -12
Phoenix,Az. Desert Empire Regional, August 15-21
Tucson, Az.: IN Regional, Sept.. 22 -25, 2016

Co. Springs, Co. Pikes Peak Regional, October 10-16


Coming soon......


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District 17 Regionals are managed by the host Units through a formal arrangement with the District called The Regional Tournament Plan. The financial reporting form is D17 Regional Financial Reporting Form.

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