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April, 2017 Report 

Jerry’s Journal

By Jerry Ranney, D17 President


Tucson Regional Results

Top point winners from District 17 included Leon Lowe from Fountain Hills, Arizona, with 104 masterpoints and Billy Miller from Las Vegas with 95 masterpoints. Total attendance was 1515 tables, with 9672 total masterpoints earned by 922 players.

In the Sunday 0-3000 bracketed teams event, 65 teams were divided into eight brackets (based on their total team masterpoints) ,and 25 of the teams earned gold points by finishing in the overalls for their bracket. These bracketed team events are a wonderful opportunity for newer players to earn gold points without having to swim in the shark pool. Each team in a bracket usually plays a complete round robin, playing against every other team in its bracket, and the top overall winners in each bracket receive gold points. The higher brackets receive higher masterpoint awards, which are generally all gold points. The lower brackets receive lower masterpoint awards that are only partially gold points. These bracketed team games are becoming quite popular, and will be held at most upcoming District 17 Regional tournaments. So I hope to see lots of newer players at our future regional tournaments competing for those gold points.

Tucson Board Meeting

I want to recognize the two District 17 board members who are leaving the board. John Van Ness (Colorado at Large) has been a long-time member of the board who, among many other roles, served as district president for many years. Ed Yosses (Denver) handled the busy Treasurer position as well as being a valuable member of the board. Thanks to both for a job well done.

I also want welcome our two new board members for 2017: John Grossmann (Colorado at Large) and Jennifer O’Neill (Denver).

Officers and board responsibilities for 2017 include:

Jerry Ranney (Denver), President

Art McHaffie (New Mexico at Large), Vice President, Finance Committee Chair & Contract Review Chair

Bonnie Bagley (National Board Representative), Secretary & ScoreCard Committee

Jennifer O’Neill (Denver), Treasurer & Finance Committee

Darwin Afdahl (Tucson), Elections Secretary & Western Conference representative

Rod Bias (Phoenix), Intermediate/Newcomer & Education

Robb Gordon (Arizona at Large), District Appellate Chair, `By-Laws Chair, Finance Committee, & Regional Tournament Committee

Jeanne Gray (Colorado at Large), Supply Committee & Charity Chair

John Grossmann (Colorado at Large) Tournament Supplies Committee, & Education Committee       

Jim Horton (Mesa), North American Pairs Coordinator

JoAnne Lowe (Phoenix), Tournament Coordination Chair & Regional Tournament Committee

Felix Moore (Albuquerque), Daily Bulletin Advisor

Steve Nordberg (El Paso), Small Unit Grants Chair

Becky Rogers (Las Vegas), District Recorder & Regional Tournaments Chair

Rod Southworth (Wyoming), Grand National Teams Coordinator, District Webmaster


Dave Caprera continues to serve as the District Disciplinary Chair. Dave has filled this role for a number of years and would like to turn this important position over to another District 17 member who is interested in it. Please contact me or Dave if you would be interested in the position.

Financial Report

Net income for 2016 was $4173, versus a budgeted net income of $1473. Regional Tournament sanction fees were under budget by $11,522 (total tables were 1676 under budget). This income shortfall was partially offset by income from Grass Roots Fund Raisers being nearly $7100 over budget, and a number of expenses being under budget. With total expenses being under budget, the net impact was better than budgeted net income (Total Income - Total Expenses).

District 17 total assets as of December 31, 2016 were $118,599.

The District 17 board continues to look for ways to reverse the recent declines in regional tournament attendance, with a special emphasis on membership-building activities.

Feedback and Member Input

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please get them to your District 17 representative, email me at or call me at 303-697-9468.


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