Minutes of the District 17 Board Meeting, October 13, 2012 at the

Sheraton Crescent Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona

President Carolyn Newcomb called the meeting to order at 8:30 am

Present: Board members: Darwin Afdahl, Bonnie Bagley, John Grossmann, Darryl Helton, Ralph Liguori, JoAnne Lowe, Art McHaffie, Carolyn Newcomb, Jerry Ranney, Tom Shulman, Marianne Spanier, John Van Ness and David Zapatka.

            Board Member elect: Rod Southworth

Absent: Karin Kelsey

Also attending a portion of the meeting, Gary Zeiger, Director In Charge (DIC)

President’s Opening Remarks

She reported for Karin Kelsey, election secretary, that Rod Southworth had been elected by acclamation to fulfill the remainder of the Wyoming at Large term, which was vacated by Allen Johnson’s resignation. Rod was also elected by acclamation for the following two year term. Carolyn noted Karin certified the election. A motion was made to seat Rod. The motion was seconded and passed. Rod stated he is bringing enthusiasm and representation of small units to the D17 board. Carolyn announced she had not run for reelection as Denver representative. She stated she very much enjoyed working with everyone on the D17 Board. There was a resounding round of applause for Carolyn.

Approval June 2012 Minutes

A motion was made to approve the Las Vegas minutes. The motion was seconded and passed.

Secretary’s Report 

Bonnie Bagley pointed out flyers advertising 2013 D17 Regionals are available. Bonnie requested board members take some and distribute at clubs and units. This is an inexpensive, but effective form of advertising.


Treasurer’s Report

Jerry Ranney presented the treasurer’s reports which show a net worth at the end of September of $168,895 and project a surplus this year of $5,000, due to larger table count at the Tucson and Las Vegas Regionals. The NABC Fundraiser game for the 2015 Denver NABC, held August 13-19, raised about $2,400. The next NABC Fundraiser Game, October 15-21, is for the 2014 Las Vegas NABC. Notification of the fundraiser games are sent by ACBL to club owners about six weeks in advance. ACBL was late in sending the notification for the Las Vegas fundraiser and the receipts might reflect the tardiness. David Zapatka questioned if the board has established a prudent reserve. Discussion followed but no action was taken at this time. A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s reports. The motion was seconded and passed.

Current Regional

JoAnne Lowe reported the budget was based on 2,000 tables and the table count to date seems to be on target for that amount. JoAnne proudly reported the Pro-Am game continues to set new records. There were sixty-six tables at the Monday afternoon Pro-Am game. Compliments have been received about the hospitality suite.


National Board

Bonnie Bagley stated the board adopted a strategic focus for the next few years. The focus areas are: 1. Develop and implement focused programs for member recruitment, 2. Identify and replicate best practices and innovations, 3. Meet member needs, 4. Retain more members and 5. Provide top-quality directing at tournaments. The Board directed ACBL management to work with Sharon Anderson, ACBL president, to develop and finalize the Strategic Plan for presentation and review by the Finance Committee and the full Board at the 2012 Fall NABC in San Francisco.

A motion was passed to establish December as Grass Roots Fund Month. Clubs may hold special games as is done for the other special fund months (Charity, Junior and International).Funds raised in each district will be returned to the district annually no later than March 31. These funds are to be used by the District to help fund the Grass Roots events, Grand National Teams (GNTs) and North American Pairs (NAPs). There will be a motion at the Fall NABC for the Grass Roots Fund Month to be moved to January starting January 2014, consequently, there would be no Grass Roots Fund Month December 2013.

The motion, sponsored by the Western Conference District Directors, Bruce Blakely, D21, Ken Monzingo, D22 and myself, that playing directors in STaC games (participation in pre-duplication of boards, have seen or have access to hand records of boards in play or take director calls during the event) and their partners are ineligible to receive overall STaC masterpoint awards, passed. There has been some displeasure voiced by the passing of this motion, even though, the motion came up for reconsideration at the Board of Governors meeting in Philadelphia, and was defeated. Bonnie noted she supports this motion and her priorities are players first.

The Strength of Field motion, deferred from the spring meeting, was defeated.

Board of Governors

Darwin Afdahl reported a new chairman and vice-chairman of the Board of Governors will be elected at the meeting in San Francisco. The current chairman, Mike Kovacich, has served the maximum two terms allowed, as has the vice-chair, Ellen Kent. There are three candidates for chairman: Dick Anderson, D18 (Western Canada, Idaho, Montana & Wyoming), Chris Compton, D16 (most of Texas, Mexico) and Ellen Kent, D23 (Los Angeles). There are two candidates for             vice-chairman  , Barry Harper, D18 and Richard Popper, D4, (Central New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Southern New Jersey). Defeated candidates for chairman may run for vice-chairman.                           

Western Conference

John Van Ness reported the Western Conference (WC) is alive and well with a treasury of $60,000.  The WC returns funds to the participating districts (D17, D21, D22), which last year was $1,500. John stated he discovered that if something happened to the publisher of the Forum, Ken Monzingo, publication could continue 2-3 months with the help of Joel Hoersch, editor of the D22 section and Ken’s two employees, Sergio Mendevil and Leticia Maganna. Tom Shulman thinks it should be part of the D17 Board’s focus as to where we go in the future with the Forum; there should be an ongoing review. After much discussion, Carolyn stated she recommends a task force be appointed next year to study the issue.

John also reported the WC Regional at Sea, which docked Wednesday was a success. ACBL will be running all regionals at sea in 2013.

Executive Committee

Carolyn noted the Executive Committee met yesterday and reviewed agenda items. There was no action taken by the Executive Committee since the June board meeting. To reiterate, the 2013 board meetings will be at the January Albuquerque Regional, the June Las Vegas Regional and the October Tucson Regional. The D17 GNT Finals will be held at the Las Vegas Regional and the D17 NAP finals will be held at the Tucson Regional.

Committee Reports

Elections Carolyn again reported for Karin Kelsey. As noted above, Rod Southworth will be the Wyoming at Large representative. Flo Newlin will be replacing Carolyn as one of the Denver representatives and Jim Horton will be replacing David Zaptaka as the Mesa representative. There were no contested elections. A motion was made that Carolyn receive the representative stipend for the Albuquerque meeting since, as president, she will open the meeting and conduct the election for new officers. The motion was seconded. The motion was amended to include her hotel room reimbursement; the precedent being set when Carolyn was elected president the previous president’s room was reimbursed. Carolyn’s room reimbursement began with the following meeting. The amendment was seconded and passed. The motion was then passed.

GNT Darryl reported the district qualifying phase began September 1 and urged the reps to have their units hold these games so their players may participate in the district finals. Carolyn will email the conditions of contest and will post them on the web site.

NAP Ralph Liguori announced the winners of Flight B: 1st Paul Flanders and Andrea Kutscher, Boulder, Colo. Unit 359, 2nd Paul Haynes and Katelin Yates, Boulder, Colo. Unit 359 and 3rd Bill Howard and Ed Helpert, Tucson, Ariz. Unit 356. There were twelve tables competing in Flight B. Flight A and C will be Saturday.

 I/N JoAnne Lowe stated she will take over the responsibility of mailing the postcards.

 By-laws No Report

 Charity No report

Regional Tournaments Darwin Afdahl noted that 2013 schedules from Las Vegas and Tucson are the only ones not yet received.

ScoreCard  No Report

Tournament Coordination Marianne Spanier noted the 2013 and 2014 tournament schedules are in the folders. Please indicate a revision date of 10/13/2012 instead of 3/17/2012. Marianne noted the following changes: Tucson has changed their 2013 January sectional from January 10-13 to January 3-6 August 19-25 should be WC STaC not Taos Regional. Marianne noted that there is some confusion about the sanction number for the Tucson NLM, the sanction number she has indicates a sectional. Darwin will check into this. Bonnie distributed a list of the sanctioned regionals for the three WC Districts and encouraged reps to advise their unit tournament coordinators to submit their sanctions three years in advance.

Darryl Helton pointed out that the Sedona Sectional’s priority week is the first week of March and has been for ten years. The 2012 Tucson Regional ended March 4 and the Sedona Sectional started March 8. Darryl said the Sedona Sectional was adversely affected with a table count loss of 74, from 302 tables in 2011 to 228 in 2012 and a financial loss of $1,800. Darryl stated there should be some financial compensation when a regional affects a priority week sectional. The tournament calendar is very crowded and Carolyn suggested Darryl and the Sedona unit research the possibility of moving their sectional and noted that verification of the financial loss must be submitted before compensation can be considered.

Tournament Supplies Tom Shulman related plans to purchase supplies to refresh the bidding boxes. Tom reported an agreement has been reached with Bill Michael for him to supply BridgeMates to all D17 Regionals for a fifty cent per table fee. This same agreement is available for D17 Sectionals as well. Carolyn noted it is the responsibility of the district rep to communicate this information to their units. Tom stated that Dan Williams and Bill Michael have reached an agreement for a back-up plan for the pre-duplication of the boards. Tom said it is the unit’s responsibility to provide adequate timers for their regionals. Evidently, there have been complaints about the lack of timers. Gary Zeiger may be contacted for information about the number of timers needed for a specific tournament. There is a quantity discount available from Time Technology, who produces the timers.

Finance Darwin stated the Denver and the Las Vegas budgets were reviewed. There was an inadvertent $1,000 photography expense and with that removed a surplus of $10,000 is shown.  A motion was made to approve the Las Vegas budget as amended. The motion was seconded and passed. A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the Denver budget as submitted.

Jerry Ranney distributed the District 17 2013 budget showing a small loss. A motion was made to add $1,000 to the budget to provide gifts to be given to the National Board members at the Phoenix NABC. The motion was seconded and passed. A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the budget.

At this point Gary Zeiger, the DIC, joined the meeting. He reported the table count is down from last year, which was expected. Through last Friday night the table count was 1,640 and 2,000 tables was a lock, Gary expected the final count to be over 2,100 tables. Space has been tight but doable.

Education, Unit Affiliations, Contract Review No report

Appeals Carolyn appointed Art MaHaffie chairman of the Appeals Committee and Contract Review Committee.

RTP Carolyn appointed Rod Southworth chairman of the Regional Tournament Plan Committee.

Goodwill Carolyn circulated letters of appreciation she received from recipients of the D17 Goodwill Pin. Carolyn issued a reminder that it is not too soon to be thinking of nominations for 2013, which are due at the June Las Vegas meeting.

Web Site John Grossmann reported he is receptive to suggestions about content on the web site.

Grants John Van Ness announced there have been several last minutes grant requests. A request was received from the Las Cruces Unit for $1,000 to purchase BridgeMates; from the Boulder Unit for $600; from the Colorado West Unit for $1,000 for beginner oriented lessons to recruit new members; and from the Northern Colorado Unit for player development. A motion was made that since there is $1,950 left in the budget for grants that each of the requesting units receive $500. The motion was seconded and passed.

Old Business

Regional Tournament Incentive Program

David Zapatka stated that one year ago he presented the regional tournament incentive plan, which is a voucher program devised by Jay Whipple to incentivize club owners and teachers to encourage their players and students to attend regionals. This program is being used with great success in District 9, Florida. David invited Jay Whipple to the Las Vegas meeting to explain the program.  John Grossmann has been crunching numbers and has determined 1 in 10 D17 members with under 500 masterpoints (MPs) have not attended a D17 regional; he determined that roughly between 2,500 and 3,500 D17 players with under 500 MPs did not play in a D17 regional last year. John Grossmann noted this program could be tailored to work with the postcards. John Van Ness reported research he did, District 9 has twice the membership as ours, and less than a third the area, however, their regionals are not as successful as ours, and, in John’s opinion, they are not number one, D17 is. John said D17 has always had an emphasis on I/N players, note the 66 Pro-Am tables here. John Grossmann volunteered to spearhead an experimental trial for two regionals next year.

David Zaptaka noted that while we might be more successful than D9, we could be even more successful with this program. After much discussion, John Grossmann made a motion to table. The  motion was seconded and passed.

By Laws Revision  

Proposed revision to the By-Laws:

Article VI, Section 8

If at any time a Board Representative determines he/she cannot serve the balance of his/her term, the member is to notify the Election Secretary and their unit.

The position is to be advertised in the Scorecard.

The involved unit shall notify its members of the opening and all nominee names are to the sent to the Election Secretary.

The Election Secretary lists the names on an official ballot and sends the ballots to the involved unit.  The member of the unit board holds an election to fill the unexpired term as set forth in Sections 2 and 3 proceeding, with the deadlines for nominee/ballot returns determined by the Election Secretary.

The Election Secretary counts the ballots and notifies the District 17 President and the president of the unit involved.  The Election Secretary then notifies the nominees involved.

A motion was made and seconded and passed to table the By Laws revision.

New Business

Vail Regional

John Van Ness announced that the Colorado West Unit is interested in hosting a regional in Vail, Colorado, when a vacancy in the D17 Regionals occurs. The best seasons with the best room rates are May, September and October. Vail has many hotels and a commercial airport and is a desirable location.


Tom Shulman reported there is a new format for posting bridge results, which is called BridgeResults. The same information is posted online but there are many different features which include photos of players, their masterpoints, a pair’s recap sheet. Results and hand records are available almost immediately, dependent upon internet access for the director, who uploads the results to the program. Bill Michael, one of D17’s tournament directors, is very proficient with the program and has trained other directors. Player individual profile pages are available, if a player registers at BridgeResults (no charge to the player) and results will be emailed to the player; therefore, you can go to dinner and view the results on your phone. Many statistics are available. BridgeResults is being used at all Las Vegas tournaments and most club games. Las Vegas is paying $120 per tournament per year. Philippe Lamoise, who runs BridgeResults is offering D17 a quantity discount of $90 per tournament per year. Many favorable comments were made. BridgeResults will be on the agenda for the January Albuquerque meeting.

Future Tournaments

Denver (May 21-27, 2013) The Regional Tournament committee reviewed and approved the 2013 Denver schedule. A motion was made to approve the Denver schedule and offer Denver the D17 Regional Tournament Plan (the budget having been approved). The motion was seconded and passed.

Carolyn Newcomb thanked David Zapatka for his many contributions to District 17 during his tenure on the board. He will be missed.

A motion was made at 12:10 to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and passed.

The next meeting will be Saturday, January 26, 2013 in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Marriott Pyramid North Hotel at 8:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie L. Bagley


Two Attachments: D17 2012 Committee List

                                D17 2012 Board Roster                                                                     


2012 Committees

                           (Note: The D17 President is a member of all committees)

Appeals:                                  Art McHaffie-Chair

Appellate Committee:             Tom Shulman-Chair, Steve Kemic, Chris McNaughton

Bylaws:                                   Karin Kelsey, John Grossmann

Charity:                                   Karin Kelsey

Contract Review:                    Art McHaffie, John Van Ness

D17 RTP:                                Rod Southworth-Chair, John Grossmann, David Zapatka

Disciplinary:                            Dave Caprera-Chair, Joe Harris, Bob Wingeard, Bob Woodward

Education:                               Darryl Helton

Elections:                                Karin Kelsey

Executive Committee:            Darwin Afdahl, Bonnie Bagley, Karin Kelsey, Jerry Ranney, David Zapatka

Finance Committee:                Darwin Afdahl, Ralph Ligouri, Art McHaffie, Jerry Ranney

Goodwill:                                Karin Kelsey-Chair, David Zapatka

Grand National Teams:           Darryl Helton

Grants:                                    John Van Ness- Chair, Ralph Ligouri, John Grossmann

Intermediate/Newcomer:        JoAnne Lowe

North American Pairs:            Ralph Ligouri

Recorder:                                Kay Enfield

Regional Tournaments:           Darwin Afdahl-Chair, Bonnie Bagley, Jerry Ranney, Marianne Spanier, Tom Shulman, Gary Zeiger (special advisor)

Scorecard:                               Bonnie Bagley

Tournament Coordination:      Marianne Spanier-Chair, David Zapatka

Tournament Supplies:             Tom Shulman-Chair, John Grossmann, Jerry Ranney, David Zapatka

Unit Affiliations:                    JoAnne Lowe

Web Site:                                John Grossmann-Chair, JoAnne Lowe


2012 District 17 Board Members

   Officers:    Carolyn Newcomb, President

                   David Zapatka, Vice President

                   Bonnie Bagley, Secretary

                   Jerry Ranney, Treasurer

                   Karin Kelsey, Election Secretary


Board Members and the areas they represent: 

Darwin Afdahl (Tucson) 12390 N. Tall Grass Drive, Oro Valley, AZ  85755-0844

        520.742.1801 (H) 520.305.0360 (C) darwin@afdahls.com

Bonnie Bagley (Ex-officio, National Board Member) 7285 Ross Drive, Colorado

         Springs, CO  80920-3550  719.593.0205 (H/C)  bonnie@bonniebagleyd17.com

John Grossmann  (Colorado at Large) 220 Thames Drive, Colorado Springs, CO

          80906-5951   719.233.9464 (C) blackstone.co@comcast.net

Darryl E. Helton (Arizona at Large) 827Crown Ridge Road, Sedona, AZ 86351

                     928.284.9245 (H) 928.554.5474 (C) marshahelt@aol.com 

Karin Kelsey (Albuquerque) 13518 Elena Gallegos N.E., Albuquerque, NM  87111

505.822.1181 (H)  nieve14@aol.com

Ralph A. Liguori  (El Paso) 1513 Capitan Ridge, El Paso, TX  79912-8137

      915.920.4117 oliguori@elp.rr.com

JoAnne Lowe (Phoenix) 15445 E. Richwood Ave., Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

      480-836-7296 (H) 480-577-9833 (C)  pnutlowe@cox.net

Art McHaffie (New Mexico at Large) 2220 Wilderness Meadow Road, Santa Fe, NM

87505-5936    505-986-6074  ermchaffie@msn.com

Carolyn Newcomb (Denver)  7488 W Chenango Place, Lakewood, CO 80123-6312

            303.979.9409 (H)  303.918.2158 (C)   carolynnewcomb@yahoo.com

Jerry Ranney  (Denver)  5743 Willowbrook Drive, Morrison, CO  80465-2236

          303.697.9468 (H)  720.333.4857 (C)  jtranney2@msn.com

Tom Shulman (Las Vegas) 7146 Palmyra, Las Vegas, NV 89117-3110 

702.301.5856  tomshulman@gmail.com

Rod Southworth (Wyoming) 1929 Cheyenne Place, Cheyenne, WY  82001-5033

     307-221-2634 (C)   southworth15@yahoo.com

Marianne Spanier  (Phoenix)  7645 N. 78th Street. Scottsdale, AZ  85258-3472

        480.922.1084 mspanier@cox.net

John Van Ness (Colorado at Large)  353 Stagecoach Lane, Carbondale, CO  81623

                970.923.2500 (H/W/C)  970.948.2085 (C)   johnvanness@comcast.net

David Zapatka (Mesa) 5803 S. Amberwood Drive, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248-7827

                480.802.0954 (H) 480.634.0599 (C) dzapatka@wbhsi.net

                                                                                                                                                 October 2012     

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