By Darwin Afdahl, District 17 President

The D17 Pikes Peak Regional, held in Colorado Springs in August, was well attended and very well organized. The table count exceeded that of the previous regional in Colorado Springs. Bonnie Bagley, the tournament chair, and her volunteers are to be commended. Dan Williams, who provides the pre-dealt boards for pair games, now places stickers on them; if you see a deck of cards which needs replacing, please remove the sticker. The cards will be replaced after the game. If you see cards in a team game that need replacing, contact a director.

Each D17 board member may nominate one person each year to the D17 Goodwill Committee. Qualifications for nomination may include: individuals who strive to practice active ethics; whose conduct both at the bridge table and away from the bridge table is commendable; who promote bridge as an activity among new players at club and unit games as well as at tournaments and who contribute to a playing environment at these venues that is conducive to fun and learning; who promote bridge for Juniors; and who promote bridge for the handicapped. I would like to congratulate the D17 2013 Goodwill Committee appointees:

Diane Black, Colorado Springs Unit; Penny Coffman, Denver Unit; Justine Hancock, Las Vegas Unit; Barbara Harrid, El Paso Unit; Neil Hunter, Santa Fe Unit; Leon Lowe, Phoenix Unit; Ginny Macy, Cheyenne Unit; Joan Merrill, Tucson Unit; Felix Moore, Albuquerque Unit; Jerry Ranney, Denver Unit; and Barbara Yoshimura, Boulder Unit.

Beginning in 2014, NLM regionals will have an upper limit of 750 masterpoints, and will award 10% GOLD POINTS for overall awards and section tops in the top flight or strat of two-session, or longer pair events and the top bracket of two-session or longer KO events. Tucson, Arizona, has a NLM regional in February 2014. If you have less than 750 masterpoints and need GOLD POINTS, you should make plans to attend.

Housekeeping Help

I would like to make a personal plea that everyone help to keep the playing area at our tournaments clean and uncluttered. Too many times I have seen players throw candy and gum wrappers on the floor and under the table. It takes very little effort to throw trash into a waste basket. We are guests of the hotel and should act as we would if we were a guest at a friend’s home. A clean playing area is a pleasant place to enjoy the game.

Upcoming D17 regionals are: Tucson, Arizona, October 7-13, 2013 and Las Vegas, Nevada, January 20-26, 2014

Start making your plans to attend.

If you have any comments or suggestions, e-mail me at: or call me: (Home) 520.742.1801 or (Cell) 520.305.0360

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