By Carolyn Newcomb, D17 President

This has been an exciting year for District 17. Our tournaments have been successful and our membership has remained constant at about 8700. None of this would be possible without our volunteers. If you have been putting off helping your Unit, now is a great time to get involved. Not everyone has to give as much as our tournament chairs, volunteer teachers, and unit board members. The people who stay to help put away supplies or volunteer to make calls to new players or bring a batch of brownies to the club are all important parts of this chain of volunteers. Be one!

GNT Qualifiers

September 1st kicked off the 2013 GNT qualifying games at clubs. Check out the schedule at your favorite club and get qualified with your favorite partners and teammates. The District 17 finals will be held at Las Vegas June 17-23, 2013. Participants in the District finals will receive a generous travel allowance when they play. District 17 will provide a $1600 travel allowance per team to attend the National finals in Atlanta in early August.

Phoenix Desert Empire Regional and District NAP Finals

Reservations are strong for the upcoming Phoenix Desert Empire Regional. The tournament will be back at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel. The Phoenix Unit is again planning a special pro-am event to kick off this tournament. If you are a “pro” (over 2000 points) or an “am” (under 2000), contact JoAnne Lowe - - if you want to play on Monday afternoon. Playing in this event sets the tone for a fun, hospitable tournament. I wouldn’t miss it.

The District Finals of the North American Pairs will be held in Phoenix on Friday for Flight B and on Saturday for Flights A and C. Winners will be awarded travel assistance by the ACBL to attend the National Finals in St. Louis.

NABC Fundraiser Games

Look for upcoming NABC Fundraiser games at your club. During the week of October 15-21, 2012 clubs in District 17 can run a week of NABC Fundraiser games to support the Las Vegas 2014 NABC. All the money raised will go to support hospitality at this tournament. These games will be sectionally rated and pay extra black points. Jerry Ranney - - is the District 17 coordinator for these events.

Contact me

I love hearing from you. Send me your opinions and perspective. You may contact me at 303.979.9409, through the District website at or by e-mailing me at

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