District 17 will have completely online newsletters every two months as of April 2018. An email will be sent from the ACBL with the URL when a new issue is ready so be sure to add emailservices@acbl.org to your contacts or white list. This page explains how to "white list" an email address at all the various providers: https://www.whatcounts.com/how-to-whitelist-emails/  - to get this, your email address at the ACBL needs to be up to date.

These newsletters will be optimized to be very readable on a smartphone or tablet as well as your computer. We will even have an app for android and apple in about mid April (look for d17acbl in your app store).

Whenever a new issue is added, it will be listed under this menu item on this web site so that if you subscribe to our website with an aggregator such as protopage, you will see when new issues arrive. We expect to publish bimonthly on the first of the month starting in April.

You can also follow our FaceBook page or subscribe to our Twitter feed to be notified of new issues. Last but not leaset, we plan to have apps for your androids, iphones, and tablets available in April. Search your app store for D17cbl

Past issues can be found on the contractbridgeforum site here: http://contractbridgeforum.com/past.html

And please help us name our new publication, feel free to add your ideas for a name to the poll


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