North American Pairs in District 17

The North Amercian Pair event is an annual competition that starts at the club level.  Pairs participate in qualifying games.  The next step is the District 17 competition which is held each fall at one of the district regional tournaments.  The top placing pairs get to play in an NABC for a national pairs title. 

First place winners will receive $800 each if they play in the NABC finals.  The second place finishers will receive $400 each. The third place pair get $200 when they play in the national competition. NEW IN 2014, the 4th place pair also can play in the NABC, and is eligible for a D17 stipend of $100.

District 17 post the photos of NAP winning pairs on this website,  NAP Photos from 2015/16 for the current year photos.

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