D17 encourages membership building and has dedicated this page to help units with the resourses available to increase their membership.

Major outreach programs

     1. LBIAD - Learn Bridge In A Day

     2. EasyBridge!

     3.  Teaching Successful Classes (Sedona , AZ)

     4. Summit County Classes with a unique approach

     5. School Bridge Programs (Phoenix) 



Success Stories (including contact information)

     1. Northern Colorado (to be added)

     2. Cheyenne

          Cheyenne increased its membership 75% in a 10-month period by running

          EasyBridge! classes.  It was a lot of work involving at least 6 people.  When

          their two certified instructors followed the EasyBridge! guidelines it worked!

          The two certified instructors from Cheyenne were Clara Bunning

          (cbunning@bresnan.net) and Dave Zwontizer, (zwonit@aol.com).


     3. El Paso (to be added)

     5. Boulder (to be added)

     6. Sante Fe (to be added)


Financial Resourses Available

     1. ACBL's Coop. Advertising Program (50% subsity of advertising costs)

     2. D17 Grant program (contact your D17 Board Representative for information)

     3. ACBL's Education Foundation


If you have additional information to be added to this web page, please contact me at:


           Rod Southworth, Webmaster


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