The winner is: Bon’s Mots. Why Bon’s Mots? Bon Mots is French for good words . . . therefore Bon’s Mots is Bonnie’s good words. Thanks to the many who responded to my request for suggestions. I received many clever names, but Bon Mots was the clear winner. Again, thank you.


ACBL Committees

The ACBL President appoints the members and the chairs of the committees of the League. There are five standing committees, twenty-five permanent committees, two special committees, one management committee, four “other” ACBL bodies, and four appointed positions. For a complete listing of these, please go to my website I have been appointed to the following committees:

Appeals & Charges, a standing committee, which decides matters of discipline brought before it and recommends disciplinary regulations.

Bridge, which examines matters relating to general ACBL policies and procedures and proposed bylaw changes and amendments. This committee includes subcommittees on Special Events, International Events, and Tournaments.

CEO Review, which is self-explanatory.

Honorary Member Nominating, which proposes an ACBL Honorary Member of the Year to be approved by the Board of Directors.

NABC Advisory Committee, which advises and supports the ACBL staff involved in planning and managing NABCs.

I was also elected to one of the “other” ACBL Bodies, the ACBL Charity Foundation, whose purpose is to make substantial monetary contributions to a variety of charitable organizations.

I am quite excited to start work on all these committees and look forward to the board meetings at the Louisville NABC this month.


D17 Tournaments

District 17 started the regional tournament trail as usual, with the Navajo Trail Albuquerque Regional, and the gauntlet has been thrown. Albuquerque had a record-setting 2026 tables, which does not include the 73 tables of players who competed in the D17 North American Pairs Finals. This is a good sign for our D17 regionals, especially since Western Conference tournaments have been setting attendance records: Palm Springs, in December 2010, with 3573 tables (yes, overtaking even our ever-popular Las Vegas Regional); Monterey, in January 2011, with 2836 tables; and Riverside, also in January 2011, with 1435 tables. We cannot forget our record-setting, thriving, largest sectional in all of the ACBL, the Great Western Holiday STAC in December 2010, with 9150 tables. Bridge is alive and well in D17 and the Western Conference and we will all continue to work together to keep it that way.


D17 Board Meeting

The first D17 Board Meeting of 2011 was held in Albuquerque. The elected officers for 2011 are Carolyn Newcomb, Denver, president; Ralph Liguori, El Paso, vice president; Bonnie Bagley, secretary; Jerry Ranney, Denver, treasurer; and Karin Griffin, Albuquerque, election secretary. Our new president, Carolyn, is busy appointing committees and chairs. Please look for her first column in the April ScoreCard. John Van Ness, who had been the D17 President for as least as long as I have been on the D17 board (I came on in 2000), has stepped down from the presidency, but is still a D17 board member, a Colorado at Large representative. John’s concern for the district, its players, and its welfare is legendary. He will continue to be an important presence on the D17 board. It is with appreciation for the many hours of hard work you put in, that I thank you for all you’ve done.


Western Conference Report

This will be written after the WC meeting Thursday, Feb. 10.

As I mentioned in my last column my web site,, is now up and running. It is a work in progress, but there should be some items of interest, notably the masterpoint winnings of D17 players at the 2010 Fall NABC in Orlando.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. Ph: 719 593-0205 or


Happy Bridging!

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