Minutes of the District 17 Board Meeting, June 23, 2012 at the

Riviera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

President Carolyn Newcomb called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m.

Present: Board members: Darwin Afdahl, Bonnie Bagley, John Grossmann, Karin Kelsey, Ralph Liguori, JoAnne Lowe, Carolyn Newcomb, Jerry Ranney, Marianne Spanier, Tom Shulman, John Van Ness and David Zapatka.

            Guest: Jay Whipple III

Absent: Darryl Helton, Allen Johnson, Art McHaffie

President’s Opening Remarks

Carolyn Newcomb called the meeting to order at 8:00 am. Carolyn announced that, as charged, Bonnie Bagley contacted United States Bridge Federation (USBF) officials to procure a USBF Regional sanction. The tournament will be in Taos, New Mexico, September 9-15, 2013. Carolyn noted the Bylaws require the District Board to review membership at least every five years to determine if a change should be made in the distribution of board members among the different areas to maintain fair numerical representation. Carolyn appointed a redistricting committee of Jerry Ranney, Darwin Afdahl and John Van Ness to report to the board at the October Phoenix meeting.


Approval March 2012 Minutes

Bonnie noted the following corrections to the minutes. Steve Reynolds, Tucson Regional Tournament Chair, wants it mentioned that although Tom Marsh, 2012 Tucson Regional DIC said there is no way the tournament can grow in this facility, it cannot accommodate more tables. There is, in fact, a permanent free standing structure outside the hotel which can accommodate 100 tables; it has heating and cooling and is not subject to wind noise. This facility can be used in the future if necessary. Gary Zeiger also noted that Tom Whitesides has not retired yet, he has cut back to part time, which precludes running regionals.  A motion was made to approve the Tucson minutes as amended. The motion was seconded and passed.


Secretary’s Report                                                                                                                           Bonnie Bagley pointed out updates to the Policy Manual, reflecting the motions passed at the Tucson Board Meeting as in the folders as well as information pertinent to this Board Meeting.


Treasurer’s Report

Jerry Ranney presented the treasurers reports which show a net worth of $163,162 and project a surplus this year of $3,000 to $4,000. The 2013 Phoenix NABC Fund Raiser Game held the week of April 9 netted $3,894.50. The next NABC Fundraiser game will be August 13-19, for the 2015 Denver NABC. Jerry noted the 2009 version of QuickBooks is limited and out of date.  A motion was made to spend up to $250 for a current version of QuickBooks. The motion was seconded and passed. A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s reports. The motion was seconded and passed.

Jerry presented an analysis of director costs at D17 Regionals. Discussion ensued as to the factors contributing to high director costs.

Current Regional

Tom Shulman reported the table count is up over 2011, the tournament is going smoothly and almost no complaints have been made. John Grossmann noted the discount for the buffet is a big hit. Tom said the hotel offered the discount to him and while he realizes the deficiencies of the Riviera, there can be no other hotel as willing to work with the tournament as the Riviera. Tom has very mixed feeling about the move to Bally’s in 2014.


National Board

Bonnie Bagley noted the next National Board meeting will be at the Summer Philadelphia NABC in July. There are two motions of interest to D17. One is that playing directors in STaC games (participation un pre-duplication of boards, have seen or have access to hand records of boards in play or take director calls during the event) and their partners are ineligible to receive overall STaC masterpoint awards.  The other is that a Grass Roots Fund be established along with a Grass Roots Fund Month (similar to Junior and International Fund Months). This is to provide additional revenue for grass roots events, currently the Grand National Teams and the North American Pairs. The Strength of Field motion, deferred from the spring meeting, so comparisons could be done, is on the agenda. There is a lot of controversy on this subject and another motion has been filed to that no vote be taken until the Board has been provided a thorough report from management, including field tournament directors, which addresses the following issues: what options there are to fix any perceived problems; and the pros and cons of each method. The report should be co-authored by all field supervisors to reflect the opinions of all areas of the league. David Zapatka noted that changing the focus from strength of field to current rating would be a better topic.

Board of Governors

No report

Western Conference

John Van Ness explained the function of the Western Conference (WC). Ninety-five percent of the budget is to produce the FORUM, the WC monthly newspaper whose main function is to promote bridge by advertising tournaments of the participating districts (D17, D21 and D22). WC regionals tend to be 1,000 tables more than the ACBL average, certainly due, in part, to the FORUM. There was some interest by D23 to join the WC, but after an analysis which showed it would cost D23 $25,000 a year more than they could afford. The interest seems to have subsided. John noted that eventually the time will come when printing and postage are no longer necessary, that the FORUM will only be online, which it has been for eight years. Reports indicate that less than 5% of WC members even look at the internet version.  The most recent (April 2012) report from the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project states that only 30% of seniors have broadband access, so it’s not yet time to pull the plug on postage and printing.  Broadband use by ACBL seniors would be expected to be somewhat higher, but we’ve still got a long ways to go. The WC Regional at Sea is proving to be a success. The WC has no financial risk and also will have no financial gain, except for the advertising in the FORUM. Three members of the WC Board, Bruce Blakely, D21, Teri Atkinson, D22 and Ken Monzingo, D22 will be going on the cruise to help run the tournament.

Executive Committee

Carolyn noted the Executive Committee proposes 2013 board meetings to be at the January Albuquerque Regional, the June Las Vegas Regional and the October Tucson Regional. This is a change from the alternation of the May Denver Regional and the June Las Vegas Regional, but will put our board meetings in conjunction with the D17 GNT Finals. A motion was made, seconded and approved to hold the 2013 meetings as suggested above.

Committee Reports

Elections Karin Kelsey submitted a revision to Article VI, Section 8 of the By Laws (attached), since  revision to the By Laws must be submitted thirty days in advance, this will be on the agenda at the

October Phoenix meeting. Karin reported the following board members are up for reelection: Carolyn Newcomb, Denver, Darryl Helton, Arizona at Large, JoAnne Lowe, Phoenix, Allen Johnson, Wyoming, David Zapatka, Mesa, Karin Kelsey, Albuquerque and John Van Ness, Colorado at Large. Carolyn noted that Allen Johnson has stated he is not running for reelection; David Zapatka also stated he is not running again. All other indicated they will run again and Karin will contact Darryl.

GNT Jerry Ranney reported in Darryl’s absence that 118 teams participated in the D17 GNT Finals which were held at the May Denver Regional. The winners are: Championship Flight – Joe Grue, Tom Grue, Sheri Winestock, Josh Donn and Fred Gitelman, Flight A – Larry Matheny, Jon Gustafson, Neil Petrie and Cynthia & Marwin Smith, Flight B Scott Needham, Carol Ward, Joanna Chau and Audrius Mizeikis and Flight C – Jan Dwyer – Kay Malowney and Lee & Gary Kulbitski.

Jerry reported the Championship Team submitted a request for Justin Lall to be added to their team. Since there was a question of residency, the augmentation had to be approved by D16 Director Dan Morse and D17 Director Bonnie Bagley. The approval from both was given and the request is now with ACBL Credentials Committee for approval.

NAP Ralph Liguori announced the club qualifying phase of the North American Pairs started June 1. The D17 Finals will be at the Phoenix Regional Friday, October 12 for Flight B and Saturday, October 13 for Flights A and C. A motion was made to approve the D17 2012-2013 NAP Conditions of Contest (attached). The motion was seconded and passed.

I/N JoAnne Lowe reported I/N postcards will be mailed for the Phoenix Regional. JoAnne is looking into the prospect of having the Post Office send the postcards. John Grossman is doing the postcards for Phoenix. JoAnne will take over after the Phoenix regional.

By-laws Karin Kelsey noted this was reported under Elections.

Charity No report 

Regional Tournaments Darwin Afdahl noted there are schedules to be approved from Albuquerque, Mesa and Colorado Springs. A motion was made to approve the Albuquerque schedule giving them the option of having a bracketed Swiss Teams on Sunday – Flight A/X (A 3,000+, X 0-3,000) would be strati-flighted with Flight B (0-2,000) bracketed. This has proved to be growing in popularity as it allows gold points to be awarded for all brackets and eliminates a possible small (4 tables) 199er Swiss. The motion was seconded and passed. A motion was made to approve the budget and offer Albuquerque the D17 Regional Tournament Plan (D17 RTP). A motion was made approve the Colorado Springs schedule to include a bracketed Swiss on Sunday and strati-flighted changed as above; approve the budget and offer the D17 RTP. The motion was seconded and passed.  The Taos schedule was presented and a motion was made to accept with the stratification changes as above and the elimination of Fast Pairs on Sunday and offer bracketed Swiss for Sunday. The Finance committee recommends the following changes to the Taos budget – reduce fill-in tables to five, charity tables to twenty, new players subsidy increased to $1,000 with a loss of $169.00. A motion was made to approve the regional in Taos, approve the schedule as recommended and approve the budget with the recommended changes and offer Taos the D17 RTP. The motion was seconded and passed. The Mesa schedule and budget were presented. A motion was made to accept the schedule and budget and offer Mesa the D17 RTP. The motion was seconded and passed. 

ScoreCard Tom Shulman expressed a concern that Ken Monzingo is the “FORUM”, and although Ken maintains he is good for another ten years, a contingency plan should be formulated. Carolyn noted that the WC Board should investigate the possibilities.                                                                           

Tournament Coordination Marianne Spanier noted the 2012, 2013 and 2014 tournament schedules are in the folders. This list all D17 sanctioned D17 tournaments. The following sanctions were received recently: 2013 – Denver Winter Sectional January 10-13,  Denver Spring Sectional March 7-10, Aurora I/N April 13-14, Denver Summer Sectional July 11-14, Aurora I/N October 12-13 and Denver Fall Sectional November 7-10. JoAnne Lowe stated the 2012 Phoenix Unit STaC is November 12-18. Jerry Ranney noted he has scheduled the last Phoenix NABC Fundraiser April 15-21, 2013 and the last Las Vegas NABC Fundraiser October 14-10; the second and third Denver NABC Fundraisers will be in 2014 and 2015.

Tournament Supplies David Zapatka related the committee made a motion to name a centralized person to coordinate supplies and to budget $1,500 per year to replace and replenish supplies. The motion was seconded and passed. Carolyn appointed Tom Shulman as the tournament supply coordinator.    

Finance, Education, Unit Affiliations, Contract Review, Appeals No report

Goodwill Carolyn reported the 2012 nominees for the D17 Goodwill Committee are as follows:

                        Darwin Afdahl            nominates        Barbara Rosenthal

                        Bonnie Bagley            nominates        Evelyn Colson

                        John Grossmann          nominates        John Dukellis

                        Darryl Helton              nominates        Stan Shamitz

                        Karin Kelsey                nominates        Jo Crumley

                        Ralph Liguori              nominates        Steve Nordberg

                        JoAnne Lowe               nominates        Nancy Goulet

                        Art McHaffie               nominates        Carolyn Anderson

                        Carolyn Newcomb       nominates        Ruth Pana

                        Jerry Ranney                nominates        Jerry Newcomb

                        Marianne Spanier         nominates        Kay Enfield

                        David Zapatka             nominates        Mary Porter

 A motion was made to ratify the nominees. The motion was seconded and passed. A motion was made that a letter with the D17 Goodwill Pin be sent to the recipient, a letter will be sent to the Unit President asking the Unit to honor the recipient at one of their tournaments, the recipients will be listed on the D17 web site and there will be an article in the ScoreCard each year naming the recipients, there will be no Goodwill reception, appointees from  D17 to the Aileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Committee will be members of  the D17 Goodwill Committee and will receive a D17 Goodwill pin and all existing members of the Aileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Committee currently residing in D17 as of February 2012 will be members of  the D17 Goodwill Committee and will receive a D17 Goodwill pin. The motion was seconded and passed.

Web Site John Grossmann reported the web site is stable, up and running. John noted there have been some comments as to content and he is trying to be responsive.

Grants John Van Ness announced there have been two applications for the D17 Grant Program, from El Paso Unit 150, a $450 request to award scholarships of one year membership to ACBL, and Cheyenne Unit 421, a $600 request to fund an EasyBridge program. A motion was made to approve both of these grants in full with a requirement that a report be submitted to D17 detailing the success of the program. The motion was seconded and passed. A motion was made an article about the grant recipients be placed in the ScoreCard and that grant requests for 2012 will continue to be received by D17 until October 1. The motion was seconded and passed.                                                                                                                                                                           

Old Business

Regional Tournament Incentive Program

David Zapatka explained the voucher program devised by Jay Whipple to incentivize club owners and teachers to encourage their players and students to attend regionals. This program is being used with great success in District 9, Florida. David introduced Jay Whipple who joined the meeting. Jay

expressed his appreciation for the Las Vegas Regional. He noted it is one of the best regionals he has attended; it is so well run right down to the details of signage and stanchions. Jay told the board there are four programs D9 is working on: the voucher program, results posting, online partnership desk and the common game (all clubs playing the same hands) – matchpointing the results across the field, providing hand records and hand analysis. Jay answered many questions and explained the success of the voucher program in D9. Carolyn asked about marketing the program. Jay said the best marketing is word of mouth and when the board got behind the program and went to their local clubs, and told them their support was needed, it happened. Jay also explained that after a tournament email surveys are sent to D9 tournament attendees whose emails addresses are available from ACBL, which would be about 40%. There is an approximate 70% return rate, which shows players care and they want to relate their experiences at a tournament. Jay has found that after 50 responses, the results remain the same. Jay is willing to provide sample files. A motion was made to develop a plan for an experimental voucher program for a fixed time period that would be rolled out in 2013. The motion was seconded and passed. Carolyn appointed David Zaptaka and John Grossmann to develop this.

 Job Descriptions Carolyn requested that chairman submit job descriptions. The D17 2012 Committees list is attached.

Mission Statement David Zapatka presented a mission statement to create focus for the board when we think about projects we deal with, money we spend, and the responsibilities we have to the members of D17. The mission statement is attached. A motion was made, seconded and passed to adopt the mission statement and post on the web site.

New Business

Electronic Scoring Tom Shulman reported that tournaments that provide electronic scoring spend about 60 cents a table plus various carrying charges. He noted the Tournament Supplies Committee has negotiated a three year contract with Bill Michael that he provide the electronic scoring machines for all pairs games at D17 Regionals for 50 cents a table – this price would be available to D17 Sectionals as well. The cost for electronic scoring for pairs games at all D17 Regionals would be $3,000 to $3,500 per year. A motion was made, seconded and passed that D17 sign a three year contract with Bill Michael for him to provide electronic scoring machines for all D17 Regionals at 50 cents a table, starting with the October Phoenix Regional. D17 will pay for the scoring machines. 

Mini-McKenney Winners Awards Darwin Afdahl noted there has been no recognition of D17 Mini-McKenney winners.  A motion that D17 provide District 17 Mini-McKenney winners with medallions purchased from Baron Barclay, an article in the ScoreCard listing the D17 winners  and a listing on front page of the web site, starting with the 2011 winners. The motion was seconded and passed.

National Event Sponsorship Program JoAnne Lowe announced the Phoenix Unit and the Arizona NABC are offering sponsorship of regional events at the 2013 Fall Phoenix NABC. JoAnne distributed flyers indicating the cost. JoAnne also reported that there will be a New Director Course and a Club Director Update Course, October 6, 7 & 8 before the October Phoenix Regional to be held at the Doty Bridge Club. Guillermo Popawsky, ACBL National Director, will be teaching the course. The cost is $50 for the New Director Course, $25 for the Update Course and $12 for the test grading. This is sponsored by Units 351 & 354 and attendance is free for unit members. For more information or to register, contact Angie Ulrey at 480-607-4438 or aulrey1@cox.net.

Completed Tournament Reports

Tucson Darwin Afdahl reported the table count was a phenomenal 1,992 and a surplus of $26,673.69 was realized.

Mesa David Zapatka noted the table count of 1,762 was less than the 1,900 budgeted, so the $75 loss was very good. An increased table count is expected in 2013 since the regional will be at the Mesa Convention Center and the date is April 1-7, when the snowbirds will still be in Arizona.

Denver Jerry Ranney stated the table count has been over 2,000 since 2007 and came in at 2,195 which does not include the 118 GNT tables. The financial statement is not complete but it appears there will be a $10,000 surplus.

Future Tournaments

All future tournaments are on track as scheduled.

There being no further business a motion was made, seconded, and carried to adjourn the meeting at 11:53 p.m.

The next meeting will be Saturday, October 13 in Phoenix, Arizona at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel at 8:00 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Bonnie L. Bagley

Four Attachments:   Amendment to By Laws, Article VI Section 8

                                D17 2012-2013 NAP Conditions of Contest

                                D17 2012 Committee List

                                D17 Mission Statement


Proposed revision to the By-Laws:

Article VI, Section 8

If at any time a Board Representative determines he/she cannot serve the balance of his/her term, the member is to notify the Election Secretary and their unit.

The position is to be advertised in the Scorecard.

The involved unit shall notify its members of the opening and all nominee names are to the sent to the Election Secretary.

The Election Secretary lists the names on an official ballot and sends the ballots to the involved unit.  The member of the unit board holds an election to fill the unexpired term as set forth in Sections 2 and 3 proceeding, with the deadlines for nominee/ballot returns determined by the Election Secretary.

The Election Secretary counts the ballots and notifies the District 17 President and the president of the unit involved.  The Election Secretary then notifies the nominees involved.
















              Conditions of Contest for NAP


                    NORTH AMERICAN PAIRS 2012-2013

Reference: ACBL 2012-2013 Conditions of Contest for the North America Pairs competition are part of these conditions.

District 17 NAP Chairman: Ralph A. Liguori 1513 Capitan Ridge El Paso, TX 79912

Email: oliguori@elp.rr.com


Welcome to the 2012-2013 North American Pairs competition. You should have received packets from ACBL which include conditions of contest, result forms and report forms. If not, contact Patty Taylor, Manager of Special Events and ask for the NAP packet. Her phone number is 662-253-3139. The following conditions of contest apply specifically to District 17 NAP club stage games and finals.

Club Qualifying Level

  1. Club qualifying games will be held during the June, July, and August 2012.
  1. The 2012-2013 NAP is divided into:

Flight A Open

Flight B 0 – 2000 Masterpoints

Flight C Non-Life masters with fewer than 500 Masterpoints

All strata are determined by recorded master points as of June 1, 2012.

  1. A list of all qualifiers from club stage games must be sent to the District 17 NAP coordinator at the address above or by means of e-mail to: oliguori@elp.rr.com.
  2. There is No district 17 sanction fee for NAP stage games.


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Unit Final Level

In the 2012-2013 NAP there are no unit finals in District 17. Any pair that qualifies in a club game is eligible to play in the NAP District Championship held in conjunction with the Phoenix Regional during the week of October 8–14, 2012.

District Championship

The NAP District Championship will be held on October 12 and 13 in Phoenix AZ. The district finals will consist of two sessions. The Flight A and C competition will be held on Saturday, October 13 and the Flight B competition will be held on Friday October 12. The District will allow ACBL mid chart for Flight A. In Flight’s B and C the ACBL general chart will be used.

General Information

Most of your questions can be answered by referring to the ACBL Conditions of Contest for 2012-2013 North American Pairs event. The top three eligible pairs in each flight qualify to the national finals at the 2013 Spring NABC in Louis, MO. Flight A plays Wednesday and Thursday, March 13 & 14. Flights B &C play Saturday and Sunday, March 23 & 24.

First place winners will each receive $700 per person. Second place winners will each receive $300. Third place winners will be eligible to compete in St. Louis but will receive no cash prize. No individual may receive two concurrent prizes. Qualifiers must play in the national level event until eliminated to receive the award. There is no entry fee for the national level competition in this event.

Membership dues or Life Master Service Fees must be current and continuous from the start of the unit qualifying to the completion of the National Finals. If a qualifying pair chooses not to play in the National Finals, the qualification for that position will be extend to the next ranked qualifying pair.

 2012 Committees

                 (Note: The D17 President is a member of all committees)

Appeals:                                  Allen Johnson, Art McHaffie

Appellate Committee:             Tom Shulman-Chair, Steve Kemic, Chris McNaughton

Bylaws:                                   Karin Kelsey, John Grossmann

Charity:                                   Karin Kelsey

Contract Review:                    Allen Johnson, John Van Ness

D17 RTP:                                Allen Johnson, Chair, John Grossmann, David Zapatka

Disciplinary:                            Dave Caprera-Chair, Joe Harris, Bob Wingeard, Bob Woodward

Education:                               Darryl Helton

Elections:                                Karin Kelsey

Executive Committee:            Darwin Afdahl, Bonnie Bagley, Karin Kelsey, Jerry Ranney, David Zapatka

Finance Committee:                Darwin Afdahl, Ralph Ligouri, Art McHaffie, Jerry Ranney

Goodwill:                                Karin Kelsey-Chair, Allen Johnson, Chair, David Zapatka

Grand National Teams:           Darryl Helton

Grants:                                    John Van Ness, Chair, Ralph Ligouri, John Grossmann

Intermediate/Newcomer:        Jo Anne Lowe

North American Pairs:            Ralph Ligouri

Recorder:                                Kay Enfield

Regional Tournaments:           Darwin Afdahl-Chair, Bonnie Bagley, Jerry Ranney, Marianne Spanier, Tom Shulman, Gary Zeiger (special advisor)

Scorecard:                               Bonnie Bagley

Tournament Coordination:      Marianne Spanier-Chair, David Zapatka

Tournament Supplies:             Tom Shulman-Chair, John Grossmann, Jerry Ranney, David Zapatka

Unit Affiliations:                    Jo Anne Lowe

Web Site:                                John Grossmann-Chair, JoAnne Lowe


District 17 Mission Statement

Our mission as the District 17 board is to serve the diverse membership of our units under the authority of the American Contract Bridge League.  Our service includes but is not limited to:

  • o   Partnering with our units to provide our members an excellent bridge experience through regional tournaments, special games and grass roots events.
  • o   Coordinating regional and sectional tournaments to maximize game attendance.
  • o   Supporting active recruitment, mentoring, educational programs and games for new players.
  • o   Providing the fiduciary responsibility our members entrust to us with integrity in all financial transactions.
  • o   Supporting local charities as a respected member of the communities in our district.
  • o   Providing easily accessible, up-to-date information and communication through the Western Conference newsletter and district website.
  • o   Promoting a commitment to goodwill throughout our district.   

June 2012

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