It’s a rainy day in Colorado, our first in a while. It’s a good day for contemplation and planning. This is starting off to be another very good year for bridge in District 17. The Mesa Senior Regional, with 1,762 tables, and Denver Regional will be history when you read this. Mesa will be back at the convention center for the next two years and will be early in April, which should improve attendance. Last year had 2,557 tables. Top masterpoint winners were Don and Anita Heitler, my good friends from Denver. We are preparing for board meetings in Las Vegas. The Board is considering proposals for District supported scoring machines at all of our regionals and a program of incentives for bridge teachers to encourage newer players to participate in our tournaments. 
The Los Alamos Unit is starting to gear up for a USBF/District 17 Regional in Taos in 2013. We’ll keep you posted, but mark your calendar for September 9-15, 2013.

Las Vegas Regional

The next District 17 regional is in Las Vegas on June 18-24. We will once again hold the popular Gold Rush Pairs every day. The Riviera has had some renovations over the past year and has a super low room rate of $59 this year. Come play.

District 17 GNT Finals

The District will be represented at the National GNT competition by the winners of the GNT finals held in Denver just a few days ago. Names were not available at press time, so check them out on our website at

Encouraging Signs

It started on the golf course. Carol Bertz mentioned to some friends that she played bridge. The word got around and she was asked to teach some lessons. She started teaching at home, but when the group got too large, she moved to her local country club. She taught lessons and set up ‘play days” for the women. What started out a few years ago as a small group has turned into 80 women, 40 showing up regularly to learn, play, and connect. KEN: CAROLYN WOULD LIKE ONE OR MORE OF THE PHOTOS I EMAILED YOU INSERTED SOMEWHERE NEAR HERE IF POSSIBLE
They are now venturing into the world of duplicate bridge and are playing in local clubs. Eight of the ladies played at the Phoenix Regional, some went to Tucson,  and another group played in Mesa at the Senior Regional last week. Two of the ladies teamed up with a Denver pair to win a KO and 11 gold points Chandler! I was recently invited to stop in to meet this enthusiastic group of women who were having lunch and going over the hands. “Who bid the slam?” “How did you get there?” Hands shot up and people were willing to share funny stories about their bidding and play. Carol carefully explained the bidding sequence and what the bids would mean. Everyone was having fun. One spokesperson told me they are so happy with their program that they have submitted Carol’s name to ACBL for Teacher of the Year.
Do you remember when bridge was fun and social? It should be that way for all of us, but too many of us forget about that in our effort to improve our game and win those precious masterpoints. When was the last time you mentored someone or made a new player feel welcome? We can’t all find 80 new players for the game, but we can all make an effort to be gracious to newer players when they come to our table.

Contact Me

We are constantly trying to improve the quality of our tournaments and this publication. I love hearing from you. Send me your opinions and perspective. I am especially interested to hear how you are promoting bridge in your own unit. You may contact me through the District website at or by emailing me at

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