by Carolyn Newcomb, District 17 President

District 17 Regionals

By the time you read this, the Denver Regional will be over. Holding a regional tournament is a lot of hard work and takes months of planning to pull off successfully. Thanks to all those volunteers who make it happen. Attendance at Western Conference regionals has been phenomenal so far this year, and District 17 is no exception. Albuquerque was up 153 tables and Mesa was up 551.

Las Vegas

We are looking forward to the Las Vegas Regional, June 20-26. This will be the first time in District 17 that we try Gold Pairs events.  Gold Pairs are part of a strati-flighted pairs game and will be available Tuesday through Saturday. This event offers gold points for the 0-750 masterpoint flight, one of the only events that pays gold points with such a low upper masterpoint limit. This should be a popular event, especially for non-LM pairs. Now you don’t have to play knockouts to get your gold.

Bridge is a great way to travel.  Go to a bridge tournament and you will see people you recognize, find interesting, and can enjoy. You never have to wonder what to do with your day - you can always play bridge unless something else takes your fancy.  You can have dinner with different friends every night. You can enjoy bridge with your favorite partner or your favorite team or total strangers. What a game! Make plans now to be in Las Vegas. I’ll see you there.

North American Pairs

Qualifications start on June 1 for the North American Pairs (NAP) competition. In our District, a club qualification entitles you to compete for the District 17 title. The District finals will be held at the Phoenix Regional on October 21 and 22. Conditions of Contest can be found at Winners will receive a cash award of $700 each from the ACBL when they play in the National event at the NABC in Memphis in March. Second place winners receive $300 per person, and third place winners are entitled to go, but receive no compensation. This is a wonderful event for our players. If your club hasn’t scheduled any games, talk to them about scheduling some between June 1 and August 31. 

On the Side

Thursdays are Goodwill Days at our Tournaments. I know we all want to win. Just remember, your partner will play better if you are nice. Wait to discuss the hands until the game is over. Remember, “a winner listens to his partner’s point of view; a loser just waits until it’s time to express his own.” 

Do you have an old partner you haven’t seen for a while? Call them up. Make a date to play bridge. They’ll be glad you did (and so will you).

If you have suggestions for my columns, questions I can answer, or comments about our tournaments, please email, call or write me.

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