Jerry’s Journal

By Jerry Ranney, D17 President

Mesa Senior Regional Results

The recent Mesa Roadrunner Senior Regional had 1624 tables, with a total of 8621 masterpoints earned by 971 players. Top point winners from District 17 included Billy Miller (Las Vegas), tied for first with 98 masterpoints; John Mohan (Las Vegas), fifth with 74 masterpoints; Kenneth Titow (Scottsdale), seventh with 71 masterpoints; and Linda Lewis (Las Vegas), tied for eighth with 68 masterpoints.

Explanation of New/Modified Team Events

In response to numerous questions about how various team events work and how eligibility is determined, the following is my attempt to clear up the confusion:

-Knockout (KO) Teams: Teams are placed into brackets based on the average masterpoint holdings of the team. There are nine to 16 teams in each bracket. As indicated by the name, teams that lose a match are eliminated from the event and winning teams go on to the next round. If there are matches involving three teams, two teams advance to the next round and one team is eliminated. At D17 regionals, most  District 17 Knockout Teams events are four matches; Phoenix has a three match event scheduled this year, and some KO events at Nationals have more than four matches.

Five and six person teams are permitted in KOs, but only four person teams are permitted in compact KOs. As of January 2017, all team members must play at least one-half of every match, with the exception of the first match of the event.

-Bracketed Teams are placed into brackets based on average masterpoint holdings. In most brackets, each team plays a full round robin, playing each of the other teams in its bracket. For District 17 Bracketed Teams, gold points are awarded to all teams that earn overall awards, usually the top three or four teams in each bracket. Typically, higher brackets are awarded a higher percentage of gold points, and lower brackets receive a lower percentage of gold points. One bracket may be larger than what is required for a full round robin format in order to accommodate the number of teams in the event; in this case, the larger bracket is run like a standard Swiss Team event.

Open Bracketed Team games are scheduled for Denver on Sunday, May 28 at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.; for Las Vegas on Wednesday and Friday, June 21 and 23, at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.; for Phoenix on Wednesday and Friday, August 2 and 4 at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. as well as an evening event starting on Monday, July 31; and for Taos on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, October 10, 12, and 14 at 1 p.m. and 7 pm.

For all recent and upcoming D17 regionals, there is also a 0-3000 Bracketed Teams event on the last day, run in conjunction with the final-day A/X/Y Swiss Teams. No player in the 0-3000 Bracketed Teams may have more than 3000 masterpoints.

-A/X/Y Swiss Teams

At D17 regionals, the Open Swiss Teams on the final day now has three stratifications rather than the older A/X two-stratification format. There are no masterpoint limits for this event, and strats are determined by team-average masterpoints. Since this three-strat format is fairly new, we are working with masterpoint limits to try to balance the field between the three strats. For the final-day A/X/Y Swiss Teams, Denver and Taos are using 0-3500, 3500-5000, and 5000+; Las Vegas is using 0-4500, 4500-8000, and 8000+; Phoenix is using 0-4500, 4500-6000, and 6000+. When the results from these regionals are in we will have a better feel for where the limits should be. I expect that we will settle on something close to the Phoenix limits.

-Stratified Swiss Teams

In Stratified Swiss Team events, each team’s stratification is determined by average team points. This applies to both single-session and two-session events. Teams are matched to other teams with similar records. As with any stratified event, every team is eligible to win overall masterpoint awards for their stratification as well as any higher stratification. Thus, in an ABC Stratified Swiss Team, a C team may win overall awards in all three stratifications, and will receive whichever award is the highest.

Feedback and Member Input

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please email me at or call me at 303-697-9468 or refer to your district 17 representative.


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