Meeting of the Board of Directors
Monterey, CA
January 8, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 9:04 a.m. The following board members were present: John Van Ness, Jerry Fleming, Bruce Blakely, Marion Robertson, Teri Atkinson, Ken Monzingo. Secretary-Treasurer Tom Shulman was also present. District 21 President Stu Goodgold was also in attendance at the beginning of the meeting.

Minutes of Previous Meeting
The Board reviewed the minutes of the December 2008 Rancho Mirage annual meeting. Bruce Blakely pointed out that on page 2 of the draft minutes in the discussion about Reno, the references to D22 should be changed to D21. Upon motion and second the minutes were approved as modified.

D21-D20 Agreement
The Board questioned D21 President, Stu Goodgold, about the agreement between D21 and D20 in connection with the Reno Regional and the transfer of the Reno/Carson City Unit from D20 to D21. The Board was told that Reno/CC petitioned ACBL to switch districts but D20 opposed the transfer because of the Reno regional and the Spring 2010 Reno NABC. Roger Smith (D21) reached an agreement with D20 to let D20 run the Reno Regional through December 2010. Later, D20 asked D21 to extend the agreement regarding the Reno regional to the end of 2014. Reno was D20's moneymaker and they also wanted to lock in hotel rates.

The Board noted that because the Reno/CC unit was now part of D21 and WC, approximately 400 copies of the Forum were sent to the Reno/CC members each month at a cost of about 60-70 cents each. The cost of these papers to WC through 2014 would be approximately $14,400. The Board discussed how WC should deal with this situation calling it a "question of fairness". It was decided that WC President Marion Robertson would approach D20 to discuss payment of a sanction fee to WC for the Reno Regional. [Stu Goodgold left the meeting.]

Treasurer's Report
SHULMAN presented the Treasurer's report, copies of which had previously been emailed to the Board. WC had a net loss of -$2,275 in FY 2009, and outside ad income was down significantly. Upon motion and second the Treasurer's report was accepted.

The Board reviewed and approved the proposed budget and decided not to increase any fees for 2010.

The Treasurer raised the question of requiring that STAC sanction fees be paid in U.S. dollars and the Board approved subject to obtaining assurance that doing so would not be a problem for Canadian clubs. [It was later determined that there could be problems for some clubs so payment in U.S. dollars is to be requested but not required.]

There was mention that STAC tournaments could possibly suffer because of the proliferation of special games in the clubs.

Ken Monzingo reported on Forum operations, and said that everything remains the same, including his rent. The style sheet was discussed as was accepting articles from non-WC authors.

Proposed Bylaw amendments were submitted to the Board. Upon motion and second all proposed amendments (shown in blue ink), except those on page 3 regarding term of office, were adopted unanimously. After motion and second to accept the proposed amendments on page 3 regarding term of office, that motion by a vote of 3-3 failed to carry.

New Business
[While in Executive Session—absent Ken Monzingo--the Board authorized a $2,000/year increase in the amount paid to Ken Monzingo to $7,654.66 per month, effective 1/1/10.]

The Board reaffirmed WC policy that if a club hasn't paid the WC sanction fee for a STAC, the club will not be allowed to participate in future STACs until the obligation is paid.

Next Meeting
The Board decided that the next meeting would be in Las Vegas at the February 2011Sectional.

Election of Officers
Marion Robertson was nominated to be president. No further nominations. ROBERTSON elected.

Tom Shulman was nominated to be Secretary/Treasurer. No further nominations. SHULMAN elected.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:52 a.m.

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