District 17 GNT Team Winners

Denver Regional, May 2015


The District Finals for the GNTs for 2015 were held at the Denver Regional.  The winning teams were as follows:

Congratulations to the 2015 D17 GNT Winners:
Open Flight     Drew Casen, Sheri Winestock, Fred Gitelman and Josh Donn, Las Vegas, Nevada (they have added Bobby Levin and Geoff Hampson for the GNT Nationals)

Flight A           Bill Curtis, Mel Levine, Shirley Scott, and Bob Wingeard, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Flight B            Richard Jacobson,  Mark Robertson both from Phoenix, plus Greg and Dawn Foltz from Fort Collins (they have added Burke Snowdon and Greg Herman)

Flight C           Naomi Cartwright, John Wolf and Robyn Fleming from Fort Collins, along with Connie Robertson, Grand Lake, Colorado 

We wish them all well at the Nationals in Chicago this August!



GNT Winners from 2014 were: 

Flight A (7 teams)  --  Barbara Dunkley, Diane Graese, and George Vasilevsky and Barbara Vasilevsky collected 30 gold masterpoints each and the right to play in the NABC on their "home court".  They are all Las Vegas players.

Flight B (17 teams) --  Bill Stoltey, Gregory Herman, Dawn Foltz and Greg Foltz, all of Fort Collins CO., won their two day event an earned 26 gold masterpoints.
Flight C (11 teams) --  The Denver team of Karen Carlson, James Culhane, Robert Stansbury and Kevin Stansbury won the C flight. 
Open Flight (3 teams) -- Las Vegas players Sheri Winestock, Fred Gitelman, Joshua Donn along with Brad Moss, a Denver player, won the open GNT flight.


Open Flight - Three players from Las Vegas (Joshua Donn, Fred Gitelman and Sheri Winestock) playing with Brad Moss, a Denver player, won the open GNT flight.


Barbara Vasilevsky, George Vasilevsky, Barbara Dunkley and Diane Graese all of Las Vegas are the 2014 Flight A GNT winners. (seven teams competed in the District Finals)


Greg Foltz, Dawn Foltz, Gregory Herman and Bill Stoltey are the 2014 Flight B GNT winners. (17 teams competed)


The Denver area team of Robert Stransbury (Centennial), Kevin Stransbury (Littleton), Karen Carlson (Lakewood) and James Culhane (Denver) were the 2014 Flight C GNT winners. (11 teams competed)


GNT Winning District Teams in 2013

The District finals for Grand National Teams in 2013 was held at the Las Vegas Regional in June.  The winning teams are:

Flight A:      Dianne Graese, Barbara Vasilevsky, Ellen Crawford and Barbara Dunkley

Flight B:      Carol Bertz, Robert Lupton, Robert Paris and Sung Mae Bleck

Flight C:      Lori Sunderland, Brenda Huff, Robert Dyer, and Judy St. Arnold

The Open Flight winners:  The six person team of Joe Grue, Tom Grue, Fred Gitelman, Sherie Winestock , Brad Moss and Josh Donn.

The winners represented our District at the Nationals in Atlanta Georgia in 2013. 

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