District 17 has established a District Goodwill Committee. Click on District 17 Goodwill Charter to review the charter.  Click on District 17 Goodwill Nominations to review the process.


2017 Goodwill Ambassadors 

Kay White, El Paso Unit 159 by Steve Nordberg

Since joining the Unit, Kay quickly began to be referred to as the little dynamo who get things done. She volunteered to be the Membership Committee Chair and has actively and enthusiastically worked to improve the Unit Directory, acknowledge individual recognition and is responsible for planning the Membership Game. Above and beyond her committee work, she has actively contributed to our successful Sectional Tournament by working on flyers and assisting the hospitality committee. However, the truly amazing thing about Kay is that whenever she sees anything needing to be done, she does it cheerfully.


Guy Gundaker, Phoenix Unit 354 by JoAnne Lowe

Guy Gundaker is my pick for the 2017 Goodwill Pin.

Guy has been a Unit 354 board member for 6 years and is our vice president. He is our unit workhorse and is always ready to help with whatever needs to be done. His value to our unit is huge! Guy orders our supplies, keeps them neat & organized and repairs equipment. He arranges for all the supplies to get to and from the tournament site. He also mails our flyers to all the other units in the area. At the bridge table he has a quiet, calm presence and puts others at ease. Guy deserves a Goodwill pin!


Joy MacIlraith, Northern Arizona Unit 355 by Robb Gordon

Joy and her late husband Don were mainstays of the Sedona bridge community for many years.

Until a few years ago Joy was one of the game directors in Sedona. Don was president of the club and of unit 355 for years.

They also directed on cruises for several years.

Joy and Don met at Cornell University in New York around 1941 and had been married over 70 years when Don recently passed away.

Joy never fails to have a smile and a pleasant word for partners, opponents and all visitors.  The name MacIlraith is synonymous with "good will" in Northern Arizona.


JoAnn Aiken, Tucson Unit 356 by Darwin Afdahl

For the last 17 years JoAnn has volunteered her time as the club manager of the non-profit Mountain View Bridge Club. She greets the players as they arrive with a warm smile and a personal interest in their wellbeing. She has fought tirelessly to acquire and maintain affordable playing space and comply with changing policies of the managing board. Because of her efforts the club has moved seamlessly into the age of technology, using Bridgemates and computer scoring, a proper time clock and a multifunction web site. She takes responsibility for training new directors as needed and acts as a director when necessary. Oh, and did I mention the time spent on keeping the bid boxes and playing cards looking like new and correcting scoring errors and even keeping the candy dish full for those with a sweet tooth? She even purchased a dealing machine with her own money when funds were tight and is allowing the club to pay her back when possible. All the games have pre-dealt hands with printed hand records and analysis on the web site.  The club members (It is an open game, available to all.) are like a family and meet annually for dinner paid from the profits of the club. JoAnn keeps an eye on the state of the treasury and adjusts the fees to be sure to continue this tradition. Her tireless efforts have made for a home away from home for so many players over the years, I need not even mention her service on the Unit Board to make her worthy of this nomination to the District 17 Goodwill Committee. She exemplifies the true meaning of Goodwill.


Sally Ann Rhea, Boulder Unit 359 by Jeanne Gray

Sally Ann started serving the unit as a by volunteering at the sectionals and unit games along with writing short articles for the newsletter. These activities led to her being asked to join the Unit Board in 2007 on which she held many positions. A few years ago, she helped area clubs tremendously by facilitating them moving to the Elks Lodge where they now have permanent home. Last year, at the invitation of her friend Mike Stabler, she agreed to co-host two Learn Bridge In A Day sessions. The LBIADs succeeded beyond wildest expectation—bringing in nearly 100 potential new bridge players. Following on that success, Sally Ann has now taught three 12-week series of beginner bridge lessons using the LBIAD model, initiated two 0-20 newcomer games running under existing clubs, and inspired more than 30 newcomers to join the ACBL.

Daryl Dietrich, Colorado Springs Unit 360 by John Grossmann

I am nominating Daryl Dietrich as a District 17 Goodwill Ambassador. Daryl was Unit 360 President for many years and was noted for his ability to build a consensus for action. Unit 360 has owned a building dedicated to duplicate bridge since 1977 and the Board meets every month in part because they both actively supporting bridge and have significant duties as a "landlord". During his time as President, Unit 360 took on twenty capital projects and spent nearly $250,000 to improve the Colorado Springs Bridge Center. He supported the first EasyBridge! program and many other membership building events. In recent years, Daryl became a club director took on the very difficult task of building attendance at an evening game. He is respected at the table for his calm demeanor and is supportive of new player development.


Margaret Devere, Denver Unit 361 by Jerry Ranney

I am pleased to nominate Margaret Devere as a member of the District 17 Goodwill Committee. Margaret has been playing bridge in the Denver for the past 30 years. She is currently President of the Denver Unit and has been a board member for the last 5 years. In prior years on the unit board, she has handled publicity and web site support. She is considered the go to person for questions in these areas. She is also a top bridge player and is always pleasant to both her partners and opponents at the bridge table.

Margaret has a PhD degree in Psychology from the University Kansas.


Margaret Brosnan, Albuquerque Unit 374 by Felicity Moore

Marge has been a valued member of our bridge community for countless years and is a trustee of member owned, Duke City Bridge Club. She has never backed away from volunteering for any necessary job and despite advancing years, makes a point of attending every club board meeting, as an observer, where her input and institutional knowledge are highly valued.

She goes out of her way to welcome new players and ensure that they are comfortable. Her demeanour at the table is exemplary and there no bridge player in Albuquerque more deserving of a Goodwill pin than her.


Mary Erickson, Albuquerque Unit 374 by Felicity Moore

Mary has been a member of Duke City Bridge Club since the 80’s and served voluntarily in many unit and club positions culminating in president of the club and now serves as a trustee. A qualified TAP teacher, she has taught numerous classes both in Albuquerque and many years ago in Texas. But what Mary is most renowned for is her fudge and caramel popcorn. She is single-handedly responsible for many thickening waistlines! Apart from all those treats that she provides at club parties and celebrations she is always the first to volunteer to provide hospitality at our sectionals and annual Toys for Tots party.  Her friends within the bridge community know that she be relied upon to help with any problems they may have. She is always ready to provide transportation or food when needed. She certainly is deserving of a Goodwill pin.


Jake Jacobson, Santa Fe Unit 383 by Art McHaffie:

I would like to nominate John "Jake" Jacobson to receive the Goodwill Award for New Mexico at Large in 2017.

Jake is an excellent bridge player who is always very courteous at the table. Jake has been playing bridge locally for more than forty years since moving to Santa Fe to establish a law practice and real estate office. He has served on the Unit 383 board for at least three or four terms over the decades. In 2007, Jake drafted all the legal documents necessary to establish the Santa Fe Bridge Center which is the entity that built, owns and operates the Leonard A. Helman Bridge Club. Jake represented the Santa Fe Bridge Center pro bono in the purchase of two lots and the related contracts to build the bridge club, generously donating his share of real estate commissions. Jake has served continuously on the board of the Santa Fe Bridge Center providing valuable legal and commercial perspective for its board.


Clara Bunning and Dave Zwonitzer, Cheyenne Unit 421

Nominated by Rod Southworth & Bonnie Bagley

Clara Bunning and Dave Zwonitzer were primarily responsible for the Cheyenne Unit increasing membership 70% in the last 18 months. They taught EasyBridge! classes to new students who subsequently joined ACBL. Throughout the process, they both demonstrated that bridge was fun and promoted the qualities of goodwill to the fullest extent. They are currently working with these new members, ensuring they remain in ACBL and continue to improve their bridge skills. Both have given a great deal in support of duplicate bridge. In addition, they are always a friendly and a calming influence at duplicate games. These two are outstanding goodwill ambassadors in every way!



2016 Goodwill Ambassador Nominees


Helen Bledsoe, Colorado West Unit 364 - nominated by John Van Ness

During her eight years on the Colorado West Unit Board, Helen has devoted endless energy to duplicate bridge in western Colorado, serving as Unit President and chairman and/or partnership chair for most of our sectional tournaments. She is a reliable source of information and advice for everyone involved in running our tournaments.

Helen also finds time to direct unit games and club games. She should be proud of her successful efforts in obtaining a $3,000 grant from the ACBL Charity Foundation which benefitted the Hospice of Western Colorado.

She loves tournaments, especially meeting new people and welcoming them to the world of duplicate bridge.  Helen epitomizes “Good Will”.


Kim Corbin, Phoenix Unit 354 – nominated by JoAnne Lowe

            Kim is the Unit 354 treasurer. He has been a Unit 354 board member for ten years serving three terms as president and many years as treasurer Kim has been a bridge teacher at one of the local clubs. He is a willing and tireless volunteer, Kim co-chaired the recent two day I/N Sectional, helped duplicate boards and has done caddy duty for our tournaments. As a friendly, calm presence at duplicate games, Kim welcomes newer players and puts them at ease. Kim is a great ambassador for the game of bridge.


Mimi Esser, Northern Arizona Unit 355 – nominated by Robb Gordon

            Mimi was very prominent in the Unit 355’s “we wanna hold your hand” new member recruitment program. She was the first volunteer to help with the program and faithfully attended every lesson (three days a week) the first two years of the program. Mimi is a “lady” with the highest etiquette and standards at the bridge table. She is an excellent bridge player who always supports new players and treats them with respect. Mini is a genuine asset to the Sedona Bridge Center and to the game of bridge in general.


James Ewert, Santa Fe Unit 383 – nominated by Art McHaffie

      James has been absolutely selfless when it comes to helping the club any way he can. He has been sharing the director’s duties with me for our only “newcomer’s game” and has been faithfully giving them a “mini lesson” every Monday morning before the game for about 2 years…. whether he is directing that day or not!  I have had newcomers express sadness when they have reached their 20 master points because they won’t be receiving his wonderful lessons anymore.   The newcomer game has grown from 2 ½ tables to 5 ½ to 6 because of his dedication to teaching one simple, easy to learn concept every Monday morning. I am always amazed at his patience while teaching.  Aside from the newcomer’s game, I cannot remember James ever saying no to any of the other directors in need of a substitute. James has selflessly given his time to the club by dealing boards for teachers when he is not directing or playing, and has never denied helping us with computer problems.  He recently spent 3 hours of his time on a Sunday afternoon to be sure the computer was ready to go for the Monday games.  I can honestly say I don’t know anyone else who works behind the scenes for the success of our club as James Ewert does.  When I said this to him one day, he said it was just because he loves the game and our club so much and it has meant so much in his life.


Shirley Heinsohn, Denver Unit 361 – nominated by Jerry Ranney

            Shirley returned to sanctioned ACBL bridge play about five years ago following a long break to raise her family. She has jumped right into the service arena shortly after becoming active in ACBL bridge play. She has been the Denver Unit Partnership Chair for the past two years, and also co-chaired the partnership duties for the Intermediate/Newcomer program at the Denver NABC. Shirley has played a major role in the successful mentorship program that the Denver Unit started in 2015. She has also been very active in supporting the I/N Tournaments sponsored by the unit. Shehas also actively helped with the thankless job of setting up and shutting down all of the unit’s regional and sectional tournaments.


Bill Kass, Albuquerque Unit 374 – nominated by Frank Fine

            Bill has been president of the unit and chairman of Unit 374 tournaments for nearly twenty years. This was his second spell at this job; he was president back in the 1970's, and took over this last post in 1999. Although many were involved, Bill was a driving force in the move to our present club building. Bill is exceptional at running meetings and delegating dutiesHe has kept extensive records and documentation of the tournament chairman's duties and activities that will be priceless for future chairmen. His work has involved supervising and helping with the moving, setting-up and breakdown of the tournament areas, interfacing with the District 17 Board and the Director in Charge on the intricacies of our regional events, working with our host hotels to ensure the facilities are comfortable and the room rates are reasonable, and managing the unit board's tasks and responsibilities for all our sectionals and regionals. He has designed and built storage and transportation devices for tables and equipment that really simplifies the task of moving our equipment and supplies to the tournament hotels. Bill built and computerized a data base that stores information on all unit members, both personal data and ACBL rankings and points. He sought to increase the fellowship of our members by setting up a photographic program that enables the membership to connect names with faces. You can see those on the south wall of the club house, and in our phone book. With Susy Law, Bill chronicled the history of Albuquerque bridge. Bill's driving ambition as president of the unit was always to use any profits gained from our tournaments for charitable purposes or to further our club and other clubs in the unit in their development.



Kitty Larson, Mesa Unit 351 – nominated by Jim Horton

      Kitty’s natural leadership skills, enthusiasm and inclusive leadership style naturally attracts others to whatever task she commits herself to. As a freshman board member, she stepped up to chair the Mesa Roadrunner Senior Regional. She is a fast learner and quickly took ownership of the job. As chair, she applied her creative skills to come up with new ways of organizing and implementing the tournament’s goals. Kitty is a cheerful, steady worker and can be depended upon to deliver an outstanding performance on any task she undertakes. She makes herself available to assist anyone who needs a helping hand. One is never surprised to see Kitty helping and mentoring others. At h bridge table, Kitty is a polite but fierce competitor who goes out of her way to make others feel comfortable at the table. She models that characteristics of the Goodwill Ambassador we should all strove to emulate.


Steve Reynolds, Tucson Unit 356 – nominated by Darwin Afdahl

            Steve has been the Tucson Unit 356 Tournament Chairman for the last six years. In that capacity, he has continually strived to improve the tournament experience for all players - from his signature offering of pastries, bagels and smoked salmon snacks before play, to his attention to the player’s total tournament experience. During tournament, Steve maintains close coordination with the ACBL directors to assure player issues are resolved quickly and equitably while also assuring that the director’s professional and personal needs are met. Steve has worked endlessly, despite the demand of his full time security business and the difficulty in maintaining appropriate venues for the tournaments. Unit 356 is so glad to have Steve as our Tournament Chairman and recognize that he is always focused on the best interests of the bridge community


Ron Schick, Northern Arizona Unit 355 – nominated by Robb Gordon           

      Ron Schick is a Diamond Life Master who, since coming to Prescott, Arizona, has contributed significantly to the quality of play and the number of people now playing Duplicate at our club. Ron volunteered to give free beginning and intermediate bridge classes. Each series of class has 24 sessions. They were so popular he taught each series three times. He allowed us to tape the classes so they would be available in the future, as well as being a revenue source for the club. He is always assessable and happy to help anyone with a question about bidding or play.   Ron has initiated, promoted and organized a monthly Swiss Team game. He works hard to get a good turnout, especially from A players. We used the “8 is enough” format to encourage novices to play and give them a real chance to be on a winning team. It has been very successful getting more C players playing duplicate games and is an opportunity for them to learn from more experienced teammates. Ron has also been a mentor and has made an effort to partner with players of all levels. He will play with anyone who asks him. All of Ron’s contributions have invigorated and produced a new excitement at our club. Everyone is a better player due to his participation. 


Wendy Turk, Colorado Springs Unit 360 – nominated by Jeanne Gray

            Wendy is a very good bridge player, but one enjoys meeting other bridge players and providing service as much as playing the game. For example, she been been the NABC Registration Co-Chair (along with husband Chris Champion) for the Sand Diego, Las Vegas and Denver NABCs. They will be doing a repeat performance at the 2017 Fall San Diego NABC. Wendy enjoys providing hospitality for local events such as the annual Front Range Challenge between the Colorado Springs Unit 360 and the Denver Unit 361. Whether she plays or not, she will be serving lunch. Although Wendy is a very good player and has won some big events locally, she has not won a Nation air Regional event. This is not due to lack of skill but rather priorities – she would rather encourage partners and teammates, both at high and low masterpoint levels.


John Wolf, Northern Colorado Unit 363 – nominated by Bonnie Bagley

            John is a relative newcomer to ACBL, but started “giving back” immediately … and he is not yet a Life Master. He has been on the Unit 363 Board for four plus years and was active in organizing the “Falling Leaves” 299er Sectional, has co-chaired the Northern Colorado Sectional, is a Learn to play Bridge in A Day? teachers, started a 99er game and organized lessons in Loveland … the first ACBL sanctioned game there. We look forward to John’s future accomplishments. John is a very personable, friendly guy who is well liked and exhibits the attributes of a Goodwill Ambassador



2015 Goodwill Ambassadors in District 17


Bob Esch , Unit 156 El Paso TX, (nominated by Steve Nordberg)

BOB has served on various positions on the unit board for over 40 years. He wrote the newsletter and has been involved in the maintenance of the bridge building.  He is devoted to bridge and has been a strong supporter of the Beginning Player Program and has worked hard to make El Paso a place to play bridge with pride and goodwill.

Sue Robinson, Unit 351 Mesa AZ, (nominated by Jim Horton)

SUE is a natural leader and self-starter.  She is the first one in and the last one out when there is work to be done for our bridge community.  She has great enthusiasm and a smile for everyone.  She served on the unit board for 9 years, chaired two sectionals. Her good nature and leadership attracts others to volunteer to promote better bridge in the East Valley.

Fran Edmond, Northern Arizona, Unit 355, (nominated posthumously by Robb Gordon)

FRAN passed away in early 2015 and served the Prescott Community bridge clubs as Partnership chairman for 25 years, on the Unit 355 Board of Directors for 20 years.  She was committed to providing a friendly atmosphere in the clubs and at tournaments.  She always greeted everyone with a happy face.

Beverly Attwood, Northern Arizona Unit 355, (nominated by Robb Gordon and JoAnne Lowe)

BEVERLY was a member of the Sedona Board of Directors for many years as a member and president. She is a fine player and often gives pointers to less experienced players.  She has been invaluable to the growth of bridge in Sedona.

Brenda Sonderegger, Tucson AZ, Unit 456 (nominated by Darwin Afdahl)

BRENDA is assistant club manager and director of the Green Valley Bridge Club.  Her biggest contribution is recruiting and teaching new players.  She gives lessons for nine months and has an average of 100 players at each lesson which has allowed the club to have two IN games a week.  She arranged for sponsor s to pay the card fees for the 49”ers to play in their first Swiss team event which encouraged most of these players to become regular players. 

Cal Newlin , Unit 361 Denver CO, (nominated by Jerry Ranney)

CAL is a very quiet person at the bridge table but is always polite and sends a sense of calmness to his partner and opponents.  He was on the Denver Board of Directors for 5 years and the Denver Regional Chairman for four years.  He served as IN chairman for the 2005 Denver NABC and is chairing IN with his wife, Flo, for the 2015 Denver NABC to be held in November.  He is participating in the Unit 361 Mentor/Mentee program. 

Shelbie Bastiaans , Unit 361 Denver CO, (nominated by Flo Newlin)

SHELBIE was on the Denver Board of Directors for several years as membership chairman.  She designed and ordered nametags for all the interested unit members.  She called each new member and welcomed them to Denver Bridge and called new players, encouraging them to continue playing bridge.  She visited all the IN club games and made her services and support available to any player. She chaired the Pro-Am event at the Denver Regional for two years.  She caddied at all the IN sectionals and was the “Cookie” chairman at the Denver Regional Charity game.  She is on the IN committee for the 2015 Denver  NABC.

Vicki Hamende, Northern Colorado Unit 363, (nominated by John Grossmann)

VICKI is the current president of Unit 363.  She has been an activist player and has been on many committees at every sectional.  She has been organizing non- life master lessons and is huge supporter of rising players.  She is always warm and friendly to every player she meets.

Charlene Mintz  , Unit 373 Las Vegas NV, (nominated by Rebecca Rogers)

CHARLENE is an indefatigable bridge club owner/director/teacher/ promoter in Las Vegas. She likely holds the all-time record for bringing the most new players to our area.  She gives her spare time outside of the club by mentoring, serving on committees for local tournaments, and doing anything and everything asked of her.  Her approach to furthering our game is the perfect mix or welcome and discipline.  All are encouraged to learn, play, and understand the difficulties this game presents.  Tolerance, good humor, and good manners are the order of the day.

Joe Harris , unit 374 Albuquerque NM, (nominated by Frank Fine)

JOE has taught many classes and has directed games at the Duke City Bridge club for over 50 years. Since retiring, he has spent his time mentoring students almost full time. He writes a column for the local unit publication and also has written articles for the bulletin at local sectionals and regionals.  He personifies all the best qualities of bridge by being pleasant, respectful, and helpful toward every player.

Kathy Adelsheim,  Santa Fe NM, (nominated by Art McHaffie)

KATHY is the secretary of the unit board. She started playing three years ago and found it difficult finding what was offered for a new player.  She started a New Player program by building an email list so she could reach out and communicate with the new players.  She publicized open houses and coordinated educational offerings. She worked with experienced teachers and assisted with all the classes and encouraged players to make the “leap” to duplicate. She started sending a monthly newsletter to every new player and also developed a Resource Person program where new players are paired with experienced players.  She ordered nametags and scorebooks at a discount.  Her generosity of spirit and enthusiasm for bridge in the community is unsurpassed.

Duane Wall, Cheyenne WY, Unit 421 (nominated by Rod Southworth)

DUANE has been a huge promoter of bridge in Cheyenne for the last 15 years.  He runs an invitational “beginners” game at the local senior center and has been responsible for many of the novice players who are advancing on to play at regular unit games.  He constantly plays with beginners and encourages everyone to become a mentor.  He exemplifies the qualities of goodwill.

Rod Southworth, Unit 421 Cheyenne WY (nominated by Bonnie Bagley)

ROD is on the District 17 Board of Directors and has made a positive impact.  He is a pleasure because of his cheerful attitude and willingness.  He is D17 GNT coordinator and is on the Goodwill/Charity committee.  He manages the club and goes above and beyond his responsibilities as a unit board member.  He emails information regarding all club activities to all the members and is supporting the Easy Bridge efforts in Cheyenne. 


2014 Goodwill Ambassadors in District 17

Walter (Jeff) Neal, Unit 373  (nominated by John Scibelli)

After retiring from the Air Force in 1971, Jeff started the Las Begas Bridge Club, holding games every day and evening including "Home-style" sessions to attract rubber bridge players.  Jeff was a major factor in the growth of bridge in Las Vegas and Henderson, welcoming out of town players, finding partners, teaching the fundamentals with enthusiasm, and most important creating a pleasant and fun atmosphere with his wit and sense of fairness.  Jeff thought he was retiring again at the age of 84, but was coaxed back to direct once a week.  To many in Nevada, Jeff and his wife Dee Dee are "Mr. and Mrs. Bridge of Las Vegas" and outstanding ambassadors for the game. 

Jay Woods, El Paso, Unit 158  (nominated by Ralph Liguori) 

Jay has developed a program to teach new players and entice them to play in El Paso’s local games. He has been a force for membership building.  He also ensures that all interested new players have partners at our duplicate games.

Jim Horton , Sun Lakes NM, Unit 351  (nominated by Bonnie Bagley)

Jim has dedicated many hours of service to Mesa Unit 351. He has been on the unit board and has been a tournament chairman.  Jim has produced tournament flyers and uploaded game files to BridgeResults for the Mesa Regional. He is now the District 17 Representative for Unit 351. Jim embodies the character of a bridge ambassador..

Linnea Tow , Mesa, Unit 351  (nominated by Jim Horton)

Linnea is a natural leader and problem solver. She is the first one in and the last one out when there is work to be done. Linnea has served on the Unit 351 board for 12 years, for the past seven as the treasurer. When you come to a Unit 361 tournament the first thing you will see is Linnea’s smile at the welcome table. When one of the caddies failed to show at this year’s Mesa Roadrunner tournament Linnea jumped in and caddied! She is the model Goodwill Ambassador.

Vicki Pina, Scottsdale AZ, Unit 354  (nominated by JoAnne Lowe)

Vicki has received her director’s credentials and has taught bridge. She is currently the president of Unit 354. Vicki is a dedicated and hardworking board member. She has a friendly, calming influence at the table and is a wonderful ambassador for bridge.

Sonya Webber, Sedona AZ, Unit 355 (nominated by Robb Gordon)

Sonya, who recently became a Life Master, was one of the original students in Sedona’s “I Want to Hold Your Hand” recruiting drive. Sonya took to the game with boundless enthusiasm. She has served as partnership chairperson, and is an invaluable help at our Thursday 199er game. Sonya tirelessly worked the hospitality suite at the Phoenix NABC. She is a bubbly, upbeat and enthusiastic person.

Adair Karlin, Tucson, Unit 356 (nominated by Darwin Afdahl)

For the past four years Adair has done everything possible to promote bridge in Tucson and at ACBL tournaments. She has brought in top notch players as lecturers and hand-picked topics that have been of interest to our players. Adair has worked with NLM players and helped to promote their participation in duplicate bridge. She always presents a friendly face at the bridge table.

Forest Clark, Aurora CO, Unit 361  (nominated by Flo Newlin)

Forest is a semi-retired attorney in Denver, Colorado. In 1976, Forest prepared the articles of incorporation for our unit and has been the unit’s legal representative since then. He has attended almost every monthly unit board meeting for 38 years! Forest was the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee for ten years and has also served as the unit’s Conduct, Ethics and Appeals Chairman. Forest exemplifies the meaning of goodwill, and is a much respected member of our bridge community.

Flo Newlin, Aurora CO, Unit 361 (nominated by Jerry Ranney)

Flo has been an active member of the Denver Unit 361 for nearly 40 years. She is currently one of the Denver unit’s District 17 Representatives. One of her main interests is attracting newer players to duplicate bridge. Flo has also served on the Conduct, Ethics and Appeals Committee and has been the chairperson for several years. She is pleasant at the bridge table with both her partners and her opponents. Flo exhibits the qualities expected for a Goodwill Ambassador.

Dawn Foltz, Ft Collins, Unit 363 (nominated by John Grossman)

Dawn has been a significant leader of the Northern Colorado Unit over two decades.  She has served on the unit board two times, been the unit game coordinator, managed the Wednesday night player owned game and helped I/N players develop by creating special pro-am events.  Dawn has frequently been an organizer and participant in mentor games. She is and the very essence of a Goodwill Ambassador, by doing all of this while being gracious and friendly to all players.

Jill Burtram , Albuquerque, Unit 374  (nominated by Karin Kelsey)

Jill has served on the Unit 374 Board for ten years and been vice president. She has given bridge lessons, served on the Conduct and Ethics Committee, has provided legal advice for the board, and has been the regional Caddy Chairperson. Jill is friendly at the table and has been a true bridge ambassador.

Rick Weigle, Albuquerque, Unit 374  (nominated by Rod Southworth)

Rick has been in charge of partnerships at regionals for eight years. He has served on the unit board and is current member of the Duke City Board. Rick does multi-duty at the local club, including providing food and starting the recycling program. He is friendly to his partners and opponents.

Winifred Stebbins, Taos, Unit 381  (nominated by Art McHaffie)

For the past 6-7 years Winifred has been a member of the Taos Bridge Club. She has been the club manager, a board member, treasurer, and a tournament chairperson for three sectionals and one regional tournament.


2013 Recipients of Goodwill Awards in District 17

Diane Black, Colorado Springs, CO Unit 360 

Diane served on the Unit 360 Board for several years, and was Unit Secretary for two years.  She has served for many years as hospitality coordinator at sectionals.  She has assisted in outreach programs and mentor games.  Diane has a wonderful sense of humor and brings a positive energy to the bridge table.

Penny Coffman, Denver, CO Unit 361

Penny was a member of the Denver Unit Board on two different occasions for nearly five years.  She was President for three years.  She has been a very active member of the Nominating Committee on several occasions.  Penny was an active member of the committee that arranged the first ever Pro/Am event at the 2013 Rocky Mountain Regional.  This inaugural event attracted over 40 tables.

Justine Hancock, Las Vegas, NV, Unit 373

Justine has always worked tirelessly for Las Vegas bridge.  She is friendly and welcoming to everybody.  Most recently, when Youth Bridge and EastBridge programs were initiated in Las Vegas, Justine jumped in to help.  Justine has worked with clubs and tournaments to solve problems with uploading game results.  Justine have been a valuable member of District 17 for more then 20 years and can be counted upon to help others.

Barbara Harrid, El Paso, TX, Unit 159

Barbara is a long time member of Unit 159 in El Paso.  She has been on the Board of Directors.  Barbara has been a long serving recorder for the Unit and she has been the contact person for arranging partnerships for local games and tournaments.

Neil Hunter, Santa Fe, NM Unit 383

Neil has served on the Unit 383 Board for seven years.  He was the President of the unit for five of these years.  In addition, Neil was the Tournament Chairperson for the Santa Fe's sectional for four years.  He has always promoted the quality of bridge within the unit.  He was a strong advocate for the construction of the Lenonard Helman Bridge Center and has devoted much time to maintianing good relationships between the unit and the bridge center.

Leon Lowe, Phoenix, AZ, Unit 354

Lee was the Phoenix Unit 354 Treasurer for several years and is currently the Unit President.  He is the Financial Chairman for the 2013 Phoenix Fall National.  Lee is a dedicated and outstanding leader.  Lee has contributed to updating by-laws, writing guidelines for the website and working on forming a club/unit coalition in the Pheonix area.  Lee is a great ambassador for the game of bridge

Ginny Macy, Cheyenne WY, Unit 421

Ginny has devoted a significant portion of her life to bridge.  For a least tweny years, she has been instrumental in getting dozen of new bridge players to learn the game, enjoy the game and continue to play duplicate bridge for many years.  She purchased a card duplicating machine for the unit to use in special games.  Her personality is one of giving, caring and compassion.

Joan Merrill, Tucson, AZ, Unit 356

Joan has consistently demonstrated graciousness, patience and goodwill towards everyone she meets.  She volunteers to assist in all kinds of tournaments, unit games and special events in Tucson.  Joan takes on additional responsibilities to assist the unit and it's members.  As Hospitality Chairperson, she has always made sure that a wholesome selection of dishes and appetizers are available.  As Club Manager, she has had to learn a lot about managing and reporting special events and has demonstrated patience and tenacity in leaning how to do a good job  Joan has edited and published the unit phonebook at one half of the price of the previous edition.  She interacts with players and Directors with the utmost patience and graciousness.  She is a true model of goodwill.

Felix Moore, Albuquerque, NM, Unit 374

Felix has been an active member of Unit 374 for many years.  She has volunteered her time and energy in many ways.  Presently, she serves on the Unit Board, is a Club Manager, and is the Tournament Chairperson for the two sections held in Albuquerque each year.  She also volunteers as editor for the daily bulletin at our regional.  Last summer she taught a youth group.  Felix also engineers the program to bring in the expert bridge players for a weekend of bridge lessons to enhance our learning better bridge for all levels of our club.  Felix also makes the yearly schedule and hires Albuquerque directors.

Jerry Ranney, Denver, CO, Unit 361

Jerry is connsidered by the members of Unit 361 as the unit's top volunteer.  He served on the Denver board for six years and has served at the District 17 representative for the last four years.  Jerry has assumed many responsibilities on these boards which he has carried out with diligence and incredible enthusiasm.  erry has helped at every sectional and regional tournament.  His involvement not only includes physical tasks, but he is always gracious and helpful to newer players.  Jerry gives above and beyond to bridge and truly is a goodwill ambassador.

Barbara Yoshimura, Boulder CO, Unit 359

Barbara has been the President of Unit 359 for seven years and has ably guided the Boulder Unit.  She has been instrumental in maintaining the high standards of the Boulder sectionals, always looking for improvement.  She is a pleasure to work with and is willing to pitch in and help wherever help is needed.


                 District 17 Goodwill Appointments for 2012

Mary Porter, Mesa, Arizona. 

John Dukellis, Colorado Springs, CO

Nancy Goulet, Scottsdale, AZ

Stan Shamitz, Prescott, AZ

Jerry Newcomb, Lakewood, CO

Carolyn Anderson, Santa Fe, NM

Kay Enfield, Santa Fe, NM

Ruth Pana, Denver, CO

Barbara Rosenthal, Tucson, NM

Evelyn Colson, Las Cruces, NM

Jo Crumbley, Albuquerque, NM

Steve Nordberg, El Paso, NM


                                District 17 Goodwill  Appointments for 2011

Dixie Binning from Las Cruces

Maxine Divine from Denver

Mary Eager from Mesa

Darryl Helton from Sedona

Jerry Fleming from Los Alamos

JoAnne Lowe is from Phoenix


District 17 ACBL

Aileen Osofsky Goodwill Committee Appointments

*Mrs. W.H. Thieman, Colorado Springs, CO
Ralph Cash, Phoenix, AZ

Mrs. E.M. Garnett, Salt Lake City, UT
*Dr. Harold O. Reid, Albuquerque, NM

Mrs. E.E. Hartwell, Salt Lake City, UT
John Angus, Jr., Las Vegas, NV

Mrs. Ralph A. Cash, Phoenix, AZ
*J.B. Wilson, Albuquerque, NM

*Mary Jo Thieman, Colorado Springs, CO
Roy Hislop, Phoenix, AZ

Mrs. Frank J. Allen, Salt Lake Cty, UT
*James D. Bell, Denver, CO

*Mrs. H.W. Devine, Greeley, CO
*Clyde Allingham, Colorado Springs, CO

*Hazel Williams, Albuquerque, NM
*Maurice E. Hole, Littleton, CO

Mrs. Lidi S. Skinner, Denver, CO
*William A. Lang, Salt Lake City, UT

*Esther Neal, Phoenix, AZ
*Leonard Smith, Denver, C)

*Florance Aspell, Tucson, AZ
*Frank Rhodes, Pueblo, CO

Dr. E.L. Morgan, Rocky Ford, CO
*Evalyn Stanton, Las Vegas, NV

*Mrs. W.A. Baldwin, Albuquerque, NM
Paul M. James, Salt Lake City, UT

*Mrs. Lyle E. Rinker, Denver, CO
*James Aspell, Tucson, AZ

*Mrs. Frank Wilson, Phoenix, AZ
*Dr. John F. Griffin, Albuquerque, NM

*Mrs. Sam Geffen, Denver, CO
*Philip C. Pratt, Colorado Springs, CO

*Esther Phillips, Albuquerque, NM
Dr. C.F. Crossley, Jr., Las Vegas, NV

*Cora Harris, Colorado Springs, CO
*John B. Barnard, Jr., Boulder, CO

*Mrs. Maurice E. Hole, Littleton, CO
*Walter R. Shiel, Jr., Tucson, AZ

Mrs. F.E. Hoffman, Albuquerque, NM
Melvin F. Norvelle, Tucson, AZ

*Anna Norvelle, Tucson, AZ
Robert Wingeard, Colorado Springs, CO

Mrs. Osmond A. Jackson, Denver, CO
*Harvey R. Hicks, Carlsbad, NM

*Robert S. Burdick, Laramie, WY
*Mrs. R.W. Means, Albuquerque, NM

Jan Crossley, Las Vegas, NV
*Jack Phillips, Denver, CO

Elsie Matthews, Alamogordo, NM
Earl Webb, Albuquerque, NM

John W. Kiernan, Glendale, AZ
*Rose Reber, Colorado Springs, CO

Mrs. E. Davies, Albuquerque, NM
Paul Ivaska, Las Vegas, NV

*Mrs. W.M. Godfrey, Colorado Springs, CO
Ray Simley, Mesa, AZ

Mrs. D.H. Purser, Las Vegas, NV
Dr. Herbert Liston, Phoenix, AZ

Joane Janega, Tucson, AZ
*Walt Freudenberg, Colorado Springs, CO
Rebecca Rogers, Las Vegas, NV

*Don Benshimol, Tucson, AZ
Jimmie Wren Parrish, Tempe, AZ
Dorothy Palmer, Scottsdale, AZ

Mrs. Ralph Marble, Tucson, Az
*Richard C. Haberstroh, El Paso, TX

*Peg Coleman, Albuquerque, NM
*Paul Gootee, Pueblo, CO

Frank Queen, Englewood, CO
Rosie Dinsmore, Las Cruces, NM
*Max Hardy, Las Vegas, NV

*Dorothy Lee, Pueblo, CO
Dr. William L. Carpi, Las Vegas, NV
Zita C. Bruflat, Phoenix, Az

*Mary Touris, Denver, CO
*Ruth Ellis, Albuquerque, NM
Jerry Fleming, Los Alamos, NM

*Gloria Kriegshauser, Albuquerque, NM
John Van Ness, Aspen, CO
Martha Beecher, Las Vegas, NV
Elaine Lorenz, Denver, CO

Grace Matthews, Las Vegas, NV
Mick Cheesbrough, Laramie, WY
Julie Cook, Ft. Collins, CO

Kara Jarman, Las Vegas, NV **
Ruth Pepe, El Paso, TX
*Darce Myers, Colorado Springs, CO
Lou Smith, Paradise Valley, AZ

Merlene Krall, Albuquerque, NM
Norma Sands, Denver. CO
Marvel J. Heinsohn, Denver, CO
Mrs. Is Krohn, Tucson, AZ

Jerry Gaer, Scottsdale, AZ
Mary Hardy, Las Vegas, NV
Jackie Evans, Albuquerque, NM

Alice Kinningham, Aurora, CO
Judy Gucker, Rio Rancho, NM
Robert L. Woodward, Aurora, CO

Judy Randel, Albuquerque, NM
Thomas Shulman, Las Vegas, NV
Jared Johnson, Golden, CO

*Rita Noce, Chandler, AZ
George Churchill, Henderson, NV
Billie Mitchell, Ruidoso, NM

Louise Wiegman, Mesa, AZ **
*Thomas Stack, Phoenix, AZ
Toshiko Yingst, Colorado Springs, CO
Aura Savage, Yuma, AZ

Ed Shinholser, Santa Fe, NM
Genie Dickerson, Sun City West, AZ
Barbara Harrid, El Paso, TX
Louise Fornero, Albuquerque, NM

*Susan Dittmer, Aurora, CO
Jamie Rubenstein, Scottsdale, AZ
*Helen Allen, Las Vegas, NV

Bonnie Bagley, Colorado Springs, CO
Robert Craig, El Paso, TX
Marianne Spanier, Scottsdale, AZ

*Sally Loyd, El Paso, TX
Mrs. M. J. Aranci, Ft. Collins, CO
Howard Page, Mesa, AZ
Martin Hauser, Sun City West, AZ

Gary Sawyer, Alto NM
Adele Verkamp, Phoenix AZ
Leonard Helman, Santa Fe NM
Errol LeCesne, Grand Junction CO

Robert Reed, Sun City West AZ
Virginia Johnston, Denver CO
Jim Steele, Boulder CO
Bette Rae Campbell, Carlsbad NM

Margaret Grothus, Los Alamos NM
Bill Wittmann, Colorado Springs CO
Page Tomkinson, Scottsdale AZ
Selina Whitworth, El Paso TX

Peg Cundiff, Las Vegas NV
Vern Hoover, Tempe AZ
Carolyn Newcomb, Littleton CO
Gary Zeiger, Phoenix AZ

Marsha Helton, Sedona AZ**
Kaye Kernodle, Ruidoso NM
Barbara Bunnell, Phoenix AZ
William Michael, Florissant CO
Robb Gordon, Sedona AZ

Prudence Cain, Tucson, AZ
Lesley Davis, Phoenix, AZ
Karin Griffin, Albuquerque, NM
Dan Williams, Henderson, NV

Adis Dombu, Las Vegas, NV
Dale Sweetwood, Mesa, AZ

Barry Abrahams, Tucson, AZ

Rod Bias, Phoenix, AZ

Darryl Helton, Sedona, AZ

JoAnne Lowe, Phoenix, AZ


Peggy Craig, El Paso, TX

Kay Endfield, Santa Fe, NM

Justine Hancock, Las Vegas, NV


John Grossman, Greeley, CO

William Kass, Albuquerque, NM

Jerry Ranney, Morrison, CO

*Barbara Vasilevsky, Las Vegas, NM


Mary Olson, Colorado Springs, CO

Rick Olson, Colorado Springs, CO

Flo Newlin, Aurora, CO

Cal Newlin, Aurora, CO


Jim Horton, Sun Lakes, AZ

Adair Karlin, Tucson, AZ

Joan Merrill, Tucson, AZ

Steve Reynolds, Tucson, AZ

 * deceased 
** National Goodwill Member of the Year




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