By Carolyn Newcomb, Denver, Colorado

As you read this, I am no longer the president of District 17. My replacement was elected at the Albuquerque meeting on January 26. Check out the website for more information. I have been honored to serve in this position for the past two years.

Valentines Day is a nice opportunity to say thank you to all your bridge partners. Plan to play lots of bridge this month.

Tucson Cactus Flower Non-Life Master Regional

The Tucson Unit is ready to host the only District 17 regional for non-life masters February 21-24. More information is available elsewhere in this issue of ScoreCard.

GNT Qualifiers

GNT qualifying games are ongoing at your local club. These team games are fun and provide a chance to hone your IMP skills. The District 17 finals will be in Las Vegas on June 20-23, 2013.1 encourage you to come and play in this grass roots event. Participants in the District finals will receive a generous travel allowance when they sign up to play in Las Vegas. The winners in each flight will be awarded a $1,600 travel allowance per team to attend the National finals. Conditions of contest are available on the District 17 website.

District 17 Grants Program

In 2012 the district awarded grants to six units which do not regularly hold regional tournaments. We are starting to hear some encouraging results from this program. For example, El Paso reports a successful series of lessons to 120 people and a significant increase in membership. We will keep you posted as we hear more results. Units should watch for the 2013 grant submission deadline.

Albuquerque Meeting

In Albuquerque, the board will discuss adopting the Bridge Results program that was used last year in Las Vegas for all our regionals. This program allows results to be posted almost instantaneously from our regionals (and sectionals, if units opt in). You can get a message on your cell phone that your results are ready to view, you can upload your photo to the site, you will be able to review hand records for the boards you played, and much more.

Contact Information

Contact us through this website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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