Here it is nearly Valentine Day. February is a great month to play bridge in District 17. Local clubs’ attendance swells at this time of year and there are lots of special games. And what sounds better than a tournament in sunny Arizona?!

Tucson Regional

The Tucson Unit is ready for its 2012 Regional at the Holiday Inn Palo Verde starting February 27.  Rooms are priced unbelievably low at $89 per night.  If you haven’t made reservations yet, do it now, because the unused rooms will be released on February 4. Steve Reynolds and his committee will be offering prizes for section tops, free coffee and tea, and a free lunch on Sunday during the Swiss Teams. There will be a Gold Rush Pairs on Friday.  Hope to see you there. Go to the District 17 website to link to the flyer.

GNT Qualifiers

GNT qualifying games are ongoing at your local club. These team games are fun and provide a chance to practice your team game skills. The District 17 finals will be in Denver and will be held May 28-30, 2012. I encourage you to come and play in this grassroots event. Participants in the District finals will receive a generous travel allowance when they play in Denver. The winners in each flight will be awarded a $1600 travel allowance per team to attend the National finals in Philadelphia in mid-July.

Tucson Meeting

The district board will meet in Tucson. We will be considering a couple of new proposals that were made in Phoenix. A committee is studying the advisability of establishing a program of grants to units in our district which are in need of capital to sustain their sectional tournaments and other programs. Another plan under consideration is aimed at finding a way to help teachers encourage students to play in District 17 regional tournaments. I’ll have more on both of these programs in my next column. I would appreciate your thoughts.

Judy Randel

Judy Randel has been the District 17 recorder since the position was established by the ACBL in 1985. It is a thankless job, but a valuable one. Judy has decided to retire from this position, and I am in the process of appointing her replacement. Thank you, Judy, for all you have contributed to the District in this position. We value your service.

Contact me

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