STAC stands for Sectional Tournaments At Clubs.  The Western Conference holds STAC games for one week, three times a year.  Clubs can elect to participate.  Besides winning silver points at their club, high scoring pairs can get bonus points if they rank at the top of the District 17 players for that session.  Clubs can also have Swiss Team events.

Why STAC?  First, this is a great chance for players to win silver points at their own club.  Second, the STAC revenue helps pay for the unique "Contract Bridge Forum", a 16 page newspaper that includes tournament results, upcoming schedules and articles about bridge.  In ACBL, only the Western Conference has a monthly publication mailed to members.

           Recent STAC game: Holiday STaC December 7-12, 2015

Finding participating clubs for a specific STAC week is as easy as 1, 2, 3...  [1] go to ACBL main STAC webpage, [2] select the District 17 listing and click on "link", [3] click on "participating clubs".  This list changes with each STAC.  The list can be sorted by city, state or unit.  Note, the list takes a little more time than usual to display.   Start your 1,2,3 seach about participating clubs by clicking on this sentence.

Link to Western Conference - results get posted 24-48 hours after a session ends.  Results can be update with late postings, so check a few days later.  Each STAC result is on a different web page.


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