We celebrate the continuing achievement of players that have achieved Life Master and those precious metal and jewel levels above.  Bravo!

Player rank upgrades of non-life master are reported under the menu "rising players".  

New Upgrades as of April, 2017, showing Unit, Name, City/State, and new ranking

360    James McRae           Colorado Spgs CO        Life Master
373    Ahmed Soliman       Henderson NV              Life Master
354    Sheila Horowitch      Scottsdale AZ               Bronze Life Master
355    Kathy Larson           Fort Mohave AZ            Bronze Life Master
381    Georgia Seibel         Aztec NM                     Bronze Life Master
361    Liz Willson               Lakewood CO              Bronze Life Master
355    Jerry Wolter              Cottonwood AZ           Bronze Life Master
354    Eva Berlin                 Scottsdale AZ              Silver Life Master
374    Lynda Burch             Albuquerque NM          Silver Life Master
373    Jill Entsminger          Henderson NV             Silver Life Master
356    Ann Kuperberg         Tucson AZ                   Silver Life Master
361    John Osterberg         Aurora CO                    Silver Life Master
361    Robert Murphy         Englewood CO              Ruby Life Master
354    Clifford Podewell      Surprise AZ                  Ruby Life Master
359     Sally Ann Rhea         Boulder CO                  Ruby Life Master
361     Shirley Schley           Denver CO                   Ruby Life Master
356     Adair Karlin              Tucson AZ                   Gold Life Master
363     Stella O'Neill             Fort Collins CO            Gold Life Master
351     Charles Quenneville  Sun Lakes AZ               Gold Life Master
360     David Ruttner            Peyton CO                   Diamond Life Master
361     Anne Brenner            Denver CO                   Platinum Life Master

New upgrades in March 2017, showing Unit, Name, City, State, and New Ranking

356 Hurd Baruch Tucson AZ Life Master
356 Robert Keegan Green Valley AZ Life Master
354 Hugh Kirkpatrick Scottsdale AZ Life Master
356 Robert Lewis Oro Valley AZ Life Master
356 Donald Lieberman Tucson AZ Life Master
356 Stephanie Parks Tucson AZ Life Master
356 Patti Starr Tucson AZ Life Master
355 Bonnie Storms Surprise AZ Life Master
354 Richard Welc Cave Creek AZ Life Master
383 Judy Wilson Santa Fe NM Life Master
354 Jane Baker Phoenix AZ Bronze Life Master
361 Steve Lehman Evergreen CO Bronze Life Master
354 Bruce Miller Surprise AZ Bronze Life Master
421 Bill Carstens Anthem AZ Silver Life Master
361 Lucy Franklin Centennial CO Silver Life Master
360 Gary Kulbitski Colorado Spgs CO Silver Life Master
360 Lee Kulbitski Colorado Spgs CO Silver Life Master
351 Linda Nelson Sun Lakes AZ Silver Life Master
361 Elsie Pacello Arvada CO Silver Life Master
354 Beverlee Peterson Sun City West AZ Silver Life Master
354 Helmut Pouh Carefree AZ Silver Life Master
361 Kathleen Kelly Englewood CO Ruby Life Master
383 Phyllis Montoya Santa Fe NM Ruby Life Master
351 Susan Shaver Sun Lakes AZ Ruby Life Master
356 Jack Wholey Oro Valley AZ Ruby Life Master
351 Anne Casey Sun Lakes AZ Gold Life Master
373 Bert Kulic Henderson NV Gold Life Master
373 Henriette Mufich Las Vegas NV Gold Life Master
354 Mark Robertson Phoenix AZ Gold Life Master
360 Nick Olberding Colorado Spgs CO Sapphire Life Master
356 Marian Wilson Tucson AZ Sapphire Life Master
354 Mark Litterman Scottsdale AZ Diamond Life Master
354 JoAnne Lowe Fountain Hills AZ Diamond Life Master
388 Gary Sawyer Alto NM Platinum Life Master
354 Suzette Wynn Phoenix AZ Platinum Life Master


ACBL updates their masterpoint files and player rank upgrades on the 6th of each month.

Errors of omissions?  Contact D17 website mgr:

Rod Southworth at southworth15@yahoo.com


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