By Darwin Afdahl, District 17 President

In September, I attended the first-time D17 regional in Taos, New Mexico. Winifred Stebbins, the Tournament Chair, and her volunteers did an excellent job organizing a very successful regional. Playing areas were great and there were some fine restaurants. The infrequent gentle rain was refreshing.

October in Tucson, Arizona, was treated to great weather. Steve Reynolds, the Tournament Chair, and Unit 356 volunteers once again did a fine job organizing the regional to insure its success. Attendance increased over the last October regional. I heard many good comments from out of town players, many of whom expressed their intention to attend the next Tucson regional, coming up in 2015.

At the D17 Board meeting, the sanction fees for D17 Regionals were reduced to $5.00 from $5.50, effective January 1, 2014. The D17 Board also addressed the policy on electronic devices at tournaments. D17 will allow players to bring electronic devices such as cell phones into the playing area, provided that such devices are turned off. Further, any such equipment may not be visible during the session. An exception may be made for health related equipment or with permission from the director-in-charge. This policy applies to all pairs, team members, captains, coaches, and kibitzers, and is in force throughout any actual playing session or segment of play. A violation of the policy will result in a warning the first time a player’s cell phone rings or is used; a second violation in one day will lead to a penalty of ¼ board in a pairs game and three imps in a team game.

Beginning in 2014, NLM regionals will have an upper limit of 750 masterpoints, and shall award 10% GOLD POINTS for overall awards and section tops in the top flight or second strat of two-session or longer pair events, and in the top bracket of two-session, or longer KO events. Tucson, Arizona has a NLM regional in February 2014. If you have less than 750 masterpoints and need GOLD POINTS, you should make plans to attend.

Upcoming D17 regionals are:
Las Vegas, Nevada, January 20-26, 2014
Tucson, Arizona NLM (less than 750), February 20-23, 2014
Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 24-March 2, 2014
Start making your plans to attend.

If you have any comments or suggestions, e-mail me at: or call me: (Home) 520.742.1801 or (Cell) 520.305.0360

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