The District Board meets three times a year, generally at the D17 regionals scheduled in the winter, summer and fall.  Between meetings, many committees work on projects and proposals for the next Board meeting.  Committee members for 2018 will be updated by the end of January, 2018.  The Committee chairpersons and members for 2017 are as follows:


Executive Committee
Bonnie Bagley, Jerry Ranney, Art McHaffie, Darwin Afdahl

Art HcHaffie - chair, Jerry Ranney, Robb Gordon, Jennifer O'Neill

Regional Tournaments
Becky Rogers - chair, JoAnne Lowe, Bonnie Bagley, Gary Zeiger (advisor)

Contract Review
Art McHaffie, chair,

Darwin Afdahl

Robb Gordon - chair

Jeanne Gray - Goodwill Committee Members

Education & Intermediate/Newcomer

Rod Bias

Grand National Teams

Rod Southworth - chair, Steve Norberg

North American Pairs
Jim Horton

Tournament Coordination
JoAnne Lowe - chair, Jim Horton, Robb Gordon

Small Unit Grants
Steve Nordberg

Web Site
Rod Southworth - Webmaster

Judiciary - Original Jurisdiction
David Caprera - chair, (committee members selected by chair when needed)

Judiciary - Appellate
Robb Gordon - chair, (committee members selected by chair when needed)

Becky Rogers

Tournament Supplies
Jeanne Gray

Unit Affiliations
Jo Anne Lowe

Bonnie Bagley

* The District President is a member of all District 17 committees

Updated April, 2017



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