I am writing this column on the plane home from the Tucson Regional. Once again, we broke attendance records with 1,992 tables in play. Tom Marsh directed his first District 17 regional and did a bang-up job. Steve Reynolds and the Tucson Unit went out of their way to provide world class hospitality, with a continental breakfast every day, free coffee, and a complementary Sunday lunch.

Upcoming Tournaments

There are three upcoming District 17 regionals that you should be making plans to attend. The Senior Regional in Chandler, Arizona, is our next tournament on April 30 to May 6. Last year’s tournament set a new record. The Unit has plans to make this tournament fun for all. The Denver
regional will be held on May 22-28 and will host the District 17 GNT finals.  This will also be the first time Denver has held Gold Pairs. The Las Vegas regional will be June 18-24. Get those
reservations made. We promise fun and masterpoints for all.

District 17 Meeting

District 17 welcomed new members JoAnne Lowe from Phoenix, Art McHaffie from Santa Fe, and Tom Shulman from Las Vegas to the board. We look forward to their contributions. I want to thank Lesley Davis, Evelyn Colson and Barbara Dunkley for their service on our Board. Lesley contributed to the adoption of our Goodwill Charter as a member of our Board.  Evelyn served as our I/N coordinator, sending postcards to invite 199ers to participate in our tournaments. Barbara Dunkley served as the Scorecard Chairman. We will miss them all, but look forward to working with our new members.

Elections were held at this meeting. I will be writing this column for another year as your President, David Zapatka will serve as Vice President, Bonnie Bagley continues as Secretary, Jerry Ranney is Treasurer,  and Karin Kelsey is Election Secretary.

Due to the significant increases in table counts experienced in 2011, the District reported a surplus of $12,058.

Grants Program

At this meeting, the Board voted to create a program of grants for Units who do not hold regionals. $3,000 was allocated for this program in 2012. Please look for an article further describing this program in the Scorecard and on our website. Submissions are due by June 1. Grants will be awarded at the Las Vegas Regional.


Goodwill Day is Thursday of each District 17 regional. The Goodwill Charter now provides for 15 new members to the Goodwill Committee each year, up from 6 new members last year, its inaugural year.  At our second meeting of each year, each Board member will nominate a new member to the Goodwill Committee.  To nominate someone for a Goodwill Committee award, please contact your district representative, Bonnie Bagley or me.  In addition, all National Goodwill Committee members in good standing in District 17 will be receiving a District 17
Goodwill pin and an appointment to the Goodwill Committee.

The District 17 Regional Tournament Plan

A Committee has been working for several months on a revision to the document formerly known as the Baldwin Plan. The District 17 Regional Tournament Plan is the result of these endeavors. In addition to District 17 Board members, participation on this committee included Bill Kass and Tom Shulman, who are the tournament chairmen for the Albuquerque and Las Vegas regionals. We believe this document addresses concerns with the Baldwin plan and will lead to a stronger partnership between the District and the Host Units who organize and run our regionals. You may review the new plan on our website at www.d17acbl.org after our Las Vegas meeting.

New Appointments

Kay Enfield from Santa Fe has agreed to serve as the District 17 Recorder and David Caprera from Denver has volunteered to serve as the new Disciplinary Chair. Thank you both for agreeing to fill these important positions.

Contact me

We are constantly trying to improve the quality of this publication. I love hearing from you. Send me your opinions and perspective. You may contact me through the District website at www.d17acbl.org, or by emailing me at carolynnewcomb@yahoo.com.

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