by Carolyn Newcomb, District 17 President

Write your Goodwill Recommendation Today!!

The deadline is fast approaching to nominate a candidate of your choice to the District 17 Goodwill Committee. The winners this year will be the founding members of this Committee. For your nominee, think about someone who has dedicated many hours to promoting bridge in your community. Or look around the table. Each of us gets a warm feeling now and then from someone who is welcoming and helpful to new players or who makes you glad you came to the table. For example, in Denver this year we had four board members retire who made working on our Board and going to our tournaments just that much better. Maxine Divine, our hospitality chairman, continues to help with the transition, even though it has been three months since she finished. She made hospitality in Denver the one to beat, providing meals at lunch all three days of the tournament at a cost the Unit could afford. Ruth Pana kept all the balls in the air as our Unit President, while doing publicity and writing our newsletter. Jerry Newcomb worked to make our regional a success. And Chuck Anderson could always find you a partner. But Goodwill is about more than just working hard. It is about being that kind person with the smiling face who greets you when you get to the table. All four of these people are able to pull that off after listening to complaints about the temperature, the food, the misspelled words, or the guy who couldn’t play Stayman. I’ll have a challenge picking my nominee. Send yours to Lesley Davis or Karin Griffin by May 1.

New Web Site for District 17 at

The new website for District 17 went live on March 1. We are very excited about this site, which you can peruse at Kitty Cooper worked with John Grossman, Lesley Davis, and me to get this new site up and operating quickly. The web site has some exciting features you might want to check out, such as masterpoint races, a calendar of upcoming tournaments in our district, photos of winners, regional tournament results, minutes of District 17 meetings, and more. If your unit has a web site, have your administrator change the link to the new District 17 site.

The District has had a web site for the last 10 or more years; it was set up and maintained by Jerry Fleming. We are very grateful for his time and attention to keeping the website accurate and timely. This original website was the basis for our new one and saved us lots of time in the creation and planning of the new one. Thanks, Jerry.

My New Job

I look forward to serving as your president of District 17. This District has run been very effectively during John Van Ness’s tenure. He served as our President for 12 years. We owe much of our financial stability, the ongoing success of our tournaments, and the quality of ScoreCard to John. John continues to be our representative to the Western Conference and serves on the District 17 Board, reviewing hotel contracts with Allen Johnson. We look forward to his continuing contributions.

If you have suggestions for my columns, questions I can answer, or comments about our tournaments, please email, call, or write me. I will just be returning from a three week trip to Europe when this issue comes out, and I’d be happy to share my stories and photos with you. Hope to see you at the Denver Regional.

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