Bon’s Mots

By Bonnie Bagley, National Board Representative

The recently completed 2017 Summer Toronto NABC was a tremendous success; with a table count of 13,289, the stars were aligned for a perfect tournament. The weather was fantastic, the Convention Center, where the games were played, was convenient to many hotels and close to the subway for those who were further out. The playing areas were well lit and temperature control was outstanding. Toronto has a dynamic and diverse culinary scene, with a multitude of restaurants within walking distance.

Our new CEO, Bahar Gidwani, gave his first CEO Report to the Board of Directors (BOD), a very impressive slide presentation, after just two weeks on the job. The presentation may be viewed at - Bahar showed what he has learned so far, what he done so far, and how he plans to move ahead with a very ambitious agenda, which I have no doubt will be achieved.

There were fewer motions for the BOD to deal with at this meeting, most likely because President Bob Heller has asked that motions come out of committees rather then be submitted by individuals. This enables ideas to be discussed in committee and if there is a sense that the idea should be a motion, it will be submitted to the Journal for the following meeting. This practice lessened the number of motions to be considered and enabled the BOD to have discussion sessions, which included presentations by the Tournament Task Force and the Club Task Force, as well as a presentation by Competition and Convention Committee (C&C Committee) members Danny Sprung (yes, D17’s Danny Sprung) and Tom Carmichael on the Committee’s possible revisions to the ACBL convention charts. Danny and Tom have been working on these revisions for two years and solicit your input. Please comment and respond by going to:


Two motions which directly affect D17 are: (1) The 2022 Fall NABC will be held in Phoenix, Arizona at the Phoenix Convention Center and the Hyatt Regency Hotel on November 24 -December 4. This replaces the scheduled Orlando Fall 2022 NABC because the Swan and Dolphin proved to be an undesirable location and it was possible to be released from the hotel contract for only $80,000 (originally over $400,00). (2) Roswell, New Mexico, Unit 382 is dissolved and its 21 members are assigned as follows: Quay, Curry, and De Baca Counties will merge with Albuquerque Unit 374, and Roosevelt and Chaves Counties will merge with Carlsbad Unit 376. The 2023 Summer NABC will be held in Chicago, Illinois at the Sheraton Grand Chicago on July 13 - July 23.

A new Code of Disciplinary Regulations (CDR) was passed. The CDR has been simplified and significantly revised to streamline the disciplinary process at the unit, district, and national levels. To view the new CDR, go to:

A motion that the National Bridge Organizations (NBOs), which are the United States Bridge Federation, the Canadian Bridge Federation, and the Mexican Bridge Federation, will pay a gradually increasing amount of our zone’s $167,000 annual dues to the World Bridge Federation passed. These are currently paid entirely by the ACBL. The BOD authorized management to establish a $2M line of credit and to bring the ACBL investment portfolio in-house to eliminate the cost of the current portfolio manager.

The Anti-Cheating Commission was approved as a non-Board committee. D17’s Brad Moss, Denver, Colorado, is a member of this five person committee. Thank you, Brad.

A motion that was deferred from the Kansas City meeting to eliminate the Stop Card, passed. The Stop Card will no longer be used at ACBL tournaments effective January 1, 2018. Opponents are still expected to wait 10 seconds after a skip bid is made, but no skip announcement or card will be used. It is also highly recommended that clubs stop using the card.

A motion was passed to allow teachers to use prepared lesson hands for regular club games with a masterpoint limit of 20 or less and give masterpoints if the game has between six and 12 boards in conjunction with a lesson.

For all the motions passed and rejected go to my website, and click on Minutes, then click on Toronto Minutes. As always, do not hesitate to contact me at or 719 593-0205. See you at the Taos Regional in Taos, New Mexico, October 9-14.


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