By Bonnie Bagley National Board Representative

Another successful Las Vegas NABC is over. Those of you who attended had a fantastic time - that would be over 6248 players (including 739 members of D17), who earned 118,695 masterpoints. John Kranyak, of Las Vegas, was the top D17 masterpoint winner, with 225.51 masterpoints. John was on the Paul Fireman team, which won the Roth Open Swiss on the final weekend. As usual, the list of D17 masterpoint winners at the Las Vegas NABC may be found on - my web site. The ACBL website has a new and fantastic feature which enables you to see the masterpoint winners by district, state, unit, and country at - check it out.

Before the fun began, there were Board of Directors meetings. Stu Goodgold, from D21, was welcomed to the Board. Stu was D21’s first alternate and became its district director when Bruce Blakely resigned. ACBL CEO Robert Hartman presented the Management Report: through the end of June membership is 167,895, essentially flat; tournament and club table count is trending lower, while StaCs are up 2%; financially, ACBL is a bit behind budget.

Robert announced the termination of the ACBLscore+ project. He reported that a working group consisting of Board members, internal staff, and outside experts had determined that efforts to develop the completely new system fell short of what was required to work for the League’s members. The ACBL is now moving forward with plans to enhance the features and benefits of its existing scoring software, ACBLScore, and extend the life and functionality of the software for a long time to come. This is being done because:

‑ Our tournament directors, club owners and operators, members, and players have confidence in the reliability and accuracy of the existing system. We want to build on that success.

‑ Folks know how to use the existing program and know that it works on their computers; they are comfortable with what they know and we want to add on to it.

‑ We want our club and tournament directors to be able to run games on their existing computers, without expensive upgrades or complicated new lessons.

The total capitalized cost of the ACBLscore+ project is in excess of 1.5 million dollars, and it is being determined what portion of the project product can be repurposed into the enhanced ACBLscore.

A motion was passed implementing the NABC Strategic Committee’s schedules for the 2015 NABCs on a trial basis. A major accomplishment was the unanimous passing of the first reading (two readings are required, the second reading will be at the 2014 Fall NABC) of changes in masterpoint awards. Two changes of particular interest are changes in the NAP and GNT awards - in the NAP the winners in the three flights to get 100, 60, and 40 MPs; in the GNT the winners in the four flights to get 120, 85, 70, and 45 MPs - and to allow three-flight strati-flighted games. It was felt that the popularity of the Gold Rush Games has disadvantaged players with just over 750 MPs, who must play in the A/B flight. In 2015, one regional per district will be allowed to try the three flight structure. The D17 Regional Tournament Committee, in consultation with Gary Zeiger, the D17 DIC, will determine which D17 Regional is best suited to try this new event.

For the complete management report and all the motions passed, rejected, and deferred by the board of directors, go to my website, and click on minutes, then Las Vegas Minutes. You can also find the new NABC schedules there.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me at or 719 593-0205.

See you at the Phoenix Desert Empire Regional, being held at the Mesa Convention Center from October 6-12.

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