By Bonnie Bagley, National Board Representative

St. Louis proved to be a popular venue for the Spring NABC. There were a total of 9661 tables in play, an average table count for a Spring National, (except for the huge Reno NABCs). Although there were two different playing locations, one for the national events and one for the regional events, they were conveniently across the street from each other. The weather was often rainy and quite cold, but the playing conditions were pleasant.

D17 Couple wins Mixed Pairs

Of the 8782 participants, 131 were from D17. Kudos go to Paul and Linda Lewis, Las Vegas, who won the Rockwell Mixed Pairs. John Kranyak, also from Las Vegas, was third in the Norman Kay Platinum Pairs. Joe Grue, again Las Vegas, and Brad Moss, Denver, were the D17 top masterpoint winners, with 205 masterpoints each. For a complete list of D17 competitors go to

Board Meetings

ACBL President Don Mamula presided over his first meeting, allowing ample time for discussion while being cognizant of time constraints. Appointments to the following committees were ratified: Hall of Fame, Competitons & Conventions, Ethical Oversight, ACBL Disciplinary, ACBL Laws Commission. Rand Pinsky, D23 (Los Angeles) was reelected ACBL Treasurer. Updating the ACBL Codification continued; this has been a mammoth job undertaken ably by Phyllis Harlan, D15 (Southwest Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Western Arkansas, and Northern Texas.) The ACBL Codification contains the regulations and minutes of the ACBL Board of Directors currently in effect, organized by subject matter.ACBL CEO Robert Hartman presented the Management Report. ACBL membership at the end of February was 166,881, the highest in over a decade. The Cooperative Advertising Program for 2012 showed a 5.6% increase over 2011. A total of $157,080 was distributed and 11,592 new members were recruited. D17 had 13 approved requests, with $6085 reimbursed and 598 new members. This is a wonderful program where you do your own advertising and ACBL will help you pay. Go to for more information. Financially, ACBL remains solid. Total operating revenues for 2012 were $16.2 million versus $15.6 for 2011. There was a positive change in net assets from 2011 to 2012 of $970, 969 versus $519,990.

Motions of Interest

The inaugural 10K Swiss Teams game, held in St. Louis, drew 81 teams, proving it to be a very popular idea. I heard only favorable comments about the event. The motions to hold a 0-10,000 MP Mixed Swiss Teams game and a 0-10,000 MP Pairs at the Summer NABC were deferred to the Summer meeting in Atlanta. The motion to require ACBL membership at all ACBL tournaments was withdrawn. Instead a motion to raise the additional fee for non-members and non-service fee paying LMs to $4.00 at regionals and $3.00 at sectionals passed. A motion passed allowing sponsors the option to waive the rule that playing directors in STAC games and their partners are ineligible to receive overall STAC masterpoint awards. This does not affect Western Conference STACs since our Conditions of Contest prohibit playing directors and their partners from receiving such awards, while leaving them eligible to receive section awards.

The motion of most concern to D17 is the raising of the minimum age for ACBL sanctioned senior events from age 55 to 60. Anyone eligible to play in a senior event on December 31, 2013, will remain eligible in subsequent years. This motion goes into effect January 1, 2014. I spoke strongly against this motion and would like to thank Shirley Seals, D9 (Florida), Suzi Subeck, D13 (Chicago, Wisconsin, and upper Michigan), and Ken Monzingo, D22 (Southern California, excluding Los Angeles) for joining me. Most affected will be the Mesa Senior Regional, but there is no need to ring the death knell for Mesa yet, and although a motion to allow the Mesa Regional to be an open regional failed in 2006, if the Mesa Unit decides they want it to be open, we will “go for it.” Right now Mesa takes much pride in being the only full-fledged Senior Regional in the country. The table count for the recent Mesa Senior Regional was 2323, the third highest ever. Of the 1472 players, only 44 were between the ages of 55-60; assuming that those relative youngsters each played two sessions a day for six days they would account for only 132 of the total table count.

District 17 Clubs in Top 50

The list of the 50 clubs in the country hosting the most tables for the year has been released. Duke City Bridge Club in Albuquerque was the top D17 club at number 28, and Arizona Bridgeworks in Scottsdale was 29th. Dotybridge, also in Scottsdale, was 32nd. Congratulations all three!

Upcoming Tournaments

Be sure to participate in the Western Conference Summer Fun STAC, May 6-12, and the Las Vegas NABC Fund Raiser Games, June 24-30, all at your local clubs. I look forward to seeing you at the Denver Regional May 21-27 and at the Las Vegas Regional June 17-23.I appreciate hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 719 593-0205 or by
Happy Mother’s Day!

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